Street-Porter lays into Christian Voice (again)

Janet Street-Porter reprises her Question Time attack on Stephen Green in today’s Independent on Sunday (“portfolio” article – requires payment). Only this time she does a far more thorough job of it.

She gives a potted history of CV since the BBC JS: TO debacle. No new information here for regular MWW readers and Green-watchers, but some fun pieces of invective nonetheless:

…Stephen Green and his nasty band of bigots / bunch of zealots…

Jesus himself would have been appalled by the behaviour of Christian Voice

She also calls for anti-Woolies / Sainsbury action:

I wish all our readers would embark on a boycott of Sainsbury’s and Woolworths for bowing to the wishes of a bunch of fanatics. How dare the bosses of two big retailers listen to the rantings of of a few and then restrict the freedom to choose of the majority of ordinary Britons!

4 Responses to “Street-Porter lays into Christian Voice (again)”

  1. Have you ever tried being crucified and rising from the dead 3 days later? Be my guest if you so wish! Then why suggest that anyone else should do the same? Jesus Christ only ever entered controversy in defence of holiness and truth. At other times he would have been a very warm friendly caring and egoless person who most decent people found pleasant to be with. Can I say the same about you? You see pure values never change and never will, only peoples’ arrogant attempts to pervert them to suit their own convenience change, and this change is only temporary until we grow in wisdom and become more enlightened beings.

  2. Shaun Hollingworth says:

    There’s plenty of people been crucified and otherwise tortured. Often by the Spanish Inquisition, in the name of God.

    What we should be defending here is freedom of expression, including your right to spout your ridiculous religious mumbo jumbo, Mrs Whitehouse II

    Wisdom and enlightenment, only comes with openness and freedom, not censorship and repression of the kind still clearly advocated by the control freak, power crazy Christians, and others. History has shown that to be a fact time and time again.

  3. Stuart says:

    Needn’t go back to the Spanish Inquisition for examples of Christians nailing people up – Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda or Christian Identity in the US in the last year or two spring to mind at once. But then, their victims were only small black kids and gays, so that doesn’t count, does it?
    Beats me why Christian fundamentalists can’t stick to their traditional pleasures – tuneless hymn-singing and incest – instead of bothering the civilised world with their hang-ups (no pun intended… honestly…)

  4. marc says:

    O Marie, get a life. The Jesus dude is an invention! The whole story is made up and has just become part of the lives of dull, weak-minded people. Modern archeology can find no evidence of Jesus or most of the evidence gathered to support the story. This is the 21 century; not the 18th!