Tesco and Asda join in Springer ban

According to fundie homophobes The Christian Institute both Tesco and Asda have yielded to pressure from offended campaigners and removed JS:TO from their shelves.

WHSmith, however, continues to sell the DVD. And the tain company GNER has been singled out by the CI for actually recommending the show to its readers via its Livewires magazine, where it describes the opera as “crashing through every barrier of taste”.

The CI recommends you use the “WHSmith High Street details” and the “GNER Customer relations details” on the pages linked above when you write to them.

(Thanks to Dan Factor)

7 Responses to “Tesco and Asda join in Springer ban”

  1. Feòrag says:

    Virgin Megastores sell it too. I wasn’t going to buy it, it not really being my sort of thing, but now I think I will. This year, thanks to this particular stushie, I did all my festive shopping at small local shops (with the exception of a small amount from Lidl). Our local wholefood shop benefitted considerably, as they sell things like vegan ginger wine truffles and other appropriately unhealthy delights.

  2. Dan Factor says:

    I believe it is the CI which is behind the Springer DVD bans.
    They have been most voicefouress in calling for stores to remove it from sale. I sight them as being responsible and say they should hang their heads in shame for trying to dictate what we can and cannot see on our own DVD players!

  3. John says:

    Why on Earth are these mighty consumer emporiums (Tesco, Asda, Woolworths, Sainsbury’s) bending to the disgraceful whims of a tiny fringe? I was never really interested in this “anti-christian” (ha!) opera, but now I’m actually curious to see it. Maybe I’ll get a copy, if it’s still possible!

  4. madasaferret says:

    Oh my, another couple of spineless wonders. I bought a copy of the DVD from WH Smith (Christmas present for my S.O.) and expressed my appreciation that they were still stocking it. Incidentally, we watched it on Christmas day afternoon, instead of the Queen’s speech, and it was actually pretty good! We’re booking tickets for the stage show in Feb too. One wonders, however, how much exposure JS:TO would have got without the fundies’ bleating… they’ve rather shot themselves in the foot there. What a shame. :o)

  5. Andrew Nixon says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny, if so much publicity was got due to this, it ended up pushing the DVD into the top 10 of the charts, and then all thse stores will just have a blank spot at some point in their chart display. Then they’d look really stupid.

  6. Stuart says:

    I wonder if we’re missing a more sinister agenda here?The new Tesco and Marks & Sparks shops are both getting boycotted in East European countries (especially Poland) by right wing groups which have strong church support. The supposed objection is that they’re ‘not traditional’ and so are destroying family & national life, but curiously there’s a lot of emphasis on the supposed ‘foreign Jewish’ ownership.
    Anybody spot a similarity here in the ethnic origin of well known CEOs of the UK stores being leaned on by fundies?

  7. Andrew Nixon says:

    No connection I can find, but Asda’s parent company Walmart has a well established history of bowing to religious nutters.

    They don’t sell music with “explicit” lyrics and also don’t sell the morning after pill. Have in the past sold the anti-semetic book “Protocols of the elders of Zion”.