“Christian” nazis against Springer

We noted before that the BNP had attended an anti-Sspringer meeting. They have now formally announced their support for their “fellow Christians” in “Action Group Springer”, a Christian umbrella group active in Plymouth, and have already joined in the leafletting outside Plymouth’s Theatre Royal.

A BNP Plymouth and East Cornwall correspondent reports:

…as previously predicted by Southwest Regional Voices, Plymouth Council whose grants help fund the theatre, are doing a “Judas Iscariot” by washing their hands of the matter. This is something they would not be doing had the “performance” been deemed insulting to Muslims!

In case you were wondering, Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. It was Pontius Pilate that did the hand-washing.

Clever lot, the Plymouth BNP. So sincere, and informed in their faith.

UPDATE: The boneheads have now corrected their error. Judas has changed into Pontius.
(Thanks to DK in the comments)

9 Responses to ““Christian” nazis against Springer”

  1. I’m still waiting for someone to provide me with an example of British Muslims getting a play or performance called off.

  2. Looks like somebody pointed out their error to one of the fascist muppets. They now seem to have fixed the theological errors.

  3. Dan Factor says:

    So for some Christians hating foriegners and asylum seekers is ok as long as you want the Springer opera banned.

  4. Andy A says:

    With a bit of luck, the association of the anti-Springer brigade with the BNP will discredit the whole anti-Springer campaign. One wonders what Stephen Green thinks about having the BNP on board, or the Christian Institute. There’s scope for some good anti-anti-Springer publicity here.

  5. Paul says:

    The play is offensive to muslims who imagine jesus was a Holyman and believe in the same god a xians

  6. Stuart says:

    Perhaps if the BNP consider themselves to be opposing Springer as British patriots and Christians they could explain the following quote…
    “Common interest must be turned into practical cooperation. Those involved must work to nail the media lies which are used by our enemies to try to divide us and make us afraid to be seen standing side by side with Third Way nations such as Libya and Iran.”
    It’s from an article in a National Front newsletter in 1985, written shortly after Nick Griffin and fellow fascist Derek Holland had enjoyed an all expenses paid visit to Libya. By the way, it went on to express support for the Ayatollah’s stand against such evils as Zionism, Coca Cola and McDonalds!

  7. miriam says:


    I’m still waiting for someone to provide me with an example of British Muslims getting a play or performance called off.

    Comment by Peter Gasston — 06/Jan/2006 @ 9:28 am”””

    The answer is quite simple…The people who write plays and put them on, have been observant and have noticed that if you’re not careful to do what Islamics want you’ll get a knife between the ribs as did poor Van Gogh…Look what happened to Salman Rushdie when he wrote the Satanic Verses! We had instructions form thousands of miles away not to print read, publish or sell it or look out!!

  8. mike riverside says:

    It is not possible to be a Christian and anti-semitic or racist, but
    there are some interpretations of the Christian faith that accommodate
    non-racist nationalism and which the BNP may espouse. However, are the
    BNP actually saying that the British (by which they presumably mean
    peoples indigenous to the British Isles) are superior to other races,
    which is racism, or are they saying that the incursion and settling of
    other races into the UK is detrimental to the “British” race, which is
    nationalism? I suspect the latter is being mistaken for the former but
    I am still troubled by reports of “thuggery and violence”. Does anyone
    have any specific details of this?

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