Dawkins’ doc provokes 19 complaints to Ofcom

In accordance with MWW prophecy, broadcasting regulator Ofcom has so far received 19 complaints about Richard Dawkins’ anti-religion documentary The Root of All Evil?. The grounds for those complaints have not yet been made public.

In case you missed the show, there are thorough blow-by-blow reviews of both Part 1 – The God Delusion and and Part 2 – The Virus of Faith at The Proper Study of Mankind.

9 Responses to “Dawkins’ doc provokes 19 complaints to Ofcom”

  1. Craig says:

    Unsurprising, but i would be very intrested to know the grounds for their complaints.

  2. Monitor says:

    So would I. But it’s Ofcom policy not to comment on complaints before they are investigated, apparently.

  3. Only 19? Dawkins must be devastated.

  4. Dan Factor says:

    Hmmmm. Relegious people trying to surpress views they disagree with?
    Maybe Dawkins has a point about relegion and evil.

  5. marc says:

    Sounds like a conspiracy to me. Much the same was as the government of the day tried to surpress the British Leyland scandal. I watched both parts and I could not see anything offensive – apart from Dawkins making some points that believers won’t/don’t want to hear. What did they expect? If I turn on a XXX TV – I wouldn’t expect to see a nature documentary – in fact, I’d be upset if I did. That said, I guess it could classify as some apes having sex… 😉


  6. Andy Gilmour says:

    Ah, come on, unfortunately there are plenty more people in this island who still believe in the nonsensical blasphemy laws. Mind you, if only 19 of them are still capable of complaining after Prof. Dawkins gives their assumed deity a stiff kicking, then maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem…? (fat chance!)


  7. marc says:

    I was being ironic Andy. However, on a more serious (if slightly tounge-in-cheek) note, I wonder how they would feel if atheists started complaining to Ofcom about religious broadcasting. Personally, I think there’s far too much of it and I also think that the faithful enjoy far too much protection in the media. This is, I expect, the whole point about MWW, of course.

    But it is a thought: why shouldn’t we complain to Ofcom about the plethora of religious broadbcasts?

  8. Stuart says:

    How about complaining to the Advertising Standards Authority instead on the basis that they’re trying to sell a product which patently isn’t what they claim of it?
    As a ‘serious’ tactic it wouldn’t work, but on the basis that they have to log the complaints and publish the figures annually it would be a way of demonstrating that some folk think some churches are nearer to double glazing salesmen than Nobel prize winners in their moral standards.

  9. John Nagle says:

    As an American, I think we need to get that documentary run on TV over here. I’m trying to find out who has the rights, and take steps to get it online in an easily playable form.