JS:TO Producer: “Christian Voice are winning”

According to Reuters, producer John Thoday believes that Christian Voice have already hurt ticket sales for the Jerry Springer: The Opera tour.

Despite having a show which has won all the best musical awards and critical praise, I would say that it looks to me like (lobby group) Christian Voice are winning the audience battle. […]

I would hope there is the opportunity for it to be shown in other countries, but the truth is, the protests haven’t helped.

The tour opens tonight at the Plymouth’s Theatre Royal, where it will run until the 4th Feb. Anti-Springer demonstrations are expected.

They are likely to be outnumbered, as tickets for the first two shows have sold out at the 1,296-seat venue.

One Response to “JS:TO Producer: “Christian Voice are winning””

  1. Andrew Nixon says:

    Religious leaders in Plymouth are complaining already: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/devon/4654110.stm

    You can probably guess what it says….. “We believe in freedom of speech but……”