‘Toon rage grips Gaza gunmen

Gunmen in Gaza have issued a warning that Danes and Norwegians visiting the Gaza strip will be in danger of attack if their governments do not apologise for the Mohammed cartoons.

Ten Palestinian gunmen rallied outside the EU headquarters in Gaza city and fired their guns in the air in a manly and frightening manner.

We warn the citizens of the above-mentioned governments against not taking this warning seriously because our groups are ready to implement it across the Gaza Strip.

(From Reuters)

8 Responses to “‘Toon rage grips Gaza gunmen”

  1. Tallen says:

    Just. Beyond. Belief.

  2. Craig says:

    danish and norwegian holiday goers will be devastated. gaza is such a beautiful tourist hotspot.

  3. Andy Gilmour says:

    I’m going to cancel my 2011 “Gaza Hilton Beach Paradise” pre-bookings to show my disapproval.


  4. adolfo talpalar says:

    Goverments of free countries are not responsible for statements of free media within such countries.
    Therefore, they do not have right, and are not able to apologize for others saying.

  5. riki says:

    Those naughty Danes ought to have the Shiite beaten outta them, but not anytime Sunni!

  6. Dane says:

    is this not just proving the point of the cartoons i.e. the one where Mohammed is standing with a drawing (one of the cartoons) in his hand flanked by to other mad Mohammed-looking-guys who have a knife and a bomb, and then he goes : “easy my friends, it is just a cartoon made by an infide form the south of Denmark”…
    How ironic this whole situation has turned out to be

  7. martyn says:

    Ahhh, religion is the opiate of the bipolar epileptic. 21st century and these idiots are still trying to drag us back into the dark ages.

  8. skp says:

    No wonder the Middle East crisis will never find a solution with these idiots and their guns. LOL, who in his right mind wants to go to Gaza anayway?