Another toon another tantrum

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Chip Bok, a cartoonist for Ohio’s Arkon Beacon Journal has landed in hot water because of his own take on the Mohammed cartoon controversy.

His cartoon depicted a pixelated picture of Mohammed on CNN, with a couple in the cartoon saying “Well, no wonder Muslims are upset. Muhammad looks like he’s on acid.”

This proved too much for a section of the local Muslim community. A.R. Abdoulkarim, Amir of the Akron Masjid, said of the Beacon Journal

They take the prize for being the most ill-intended, irresponsible property group. Allah curses and condemns them and every Muslim in this community should curse and condemn them.

Chip Bok met with several local Muslims, and stands by his right to publish:

My cartoon wasn’t about them. To them it was; to me it wasn’t. They’re cartoons. They’re irreverent. I feel like that’s something I have to defend.

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  1. Chip Bok’s blog is a real gem – lovely cartoons 🙂

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