Crucifixion Easter special

You may recall the mild furore that erupted about Channel 4’s Xmas special magic show The Magic of Jesus, which featured magicians Barry Jones and Stuart McLeod reproducing New Testament “miracles” such as walking on water and making a virgin pregnant.

Bishop Michael Reid of CCTV said:

Maybe these two fraudsters could try being crucified to see if they can rise three days later.

We commented at the time that it sounded like a fantastic idea. Now Jones and McLeod have been in touch, and MWW can exclusively reveal that there will indeed be an Easter Special in which they plan to be crucified! It will be called “Tricks from the Bible”.

They didn’t say whether or not the big Bishop received any payment for his idea. But it will be funny to see if he complains.

9 Responses to “Crucifixion Easter special”

  1. Craig says:

    Get him on the phone and see if he has anymore ideas. Brilliant.

  2. martyn says:

    Water into Newcastle Brown Ale would be a bloody good start!

  3. Marc Draco says:

    I’m interested to see the original programme. Can it be downloaded? I’ll have to remember to see the new one – sounds like a howl. Esp. since they are recreating an event that never actually happened!

  4. JAR says:

    I saw some of the original and it wasn’t very good.

  5. Marc Draco says:

    Bishop Michael Reid of CCTV said:

    “Maybe these two fraudsters could try being crucified to see if they can rise three days later.”

    Well Mick – here’s a thing – we only have the word of some ancient texts of dubious origin to verify that it even happened. What do you make of that?

  6. tom p says:

    The original was shit.
    They have a very annoying manner, like a couple of teenegers trying too hard to be funny.
    I liked the idea, but the execution sucked. on’t waste your time trying to find it marc

  7. Andrew Nixon says:

    Something tells me that Penn and Teller would be a better, and more entertaining choice for shows like this one. Their water into wine trick I saw was much better than the one in The Magic of Jesus

  8. Aoife Ward says:

    Barry and Stuart are legends! Everything they do is great; funny&thought out.

    Been waiting since the 28th December for this.

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