Pakistani cleric offers reward for death of cartoonist

The Guardian reports that Mohammed Yousaf Qureshi, a prayer leader at a mosque in Peshawar, announced 1.5m rupees (£9,600) and a car as reward to anyone who killed the cartoonist who drew the prophet Mohammed.

This is a unanimous decision by all imams that whoever insults the prophet deserves to be killed, and whoever will take this insulting man to his end will get this prize

He didn’t say which cartoonist, probably because he doesn’t realise that there were 12.

Other clerics also condemned the cartoons, one demanding the extradition of the artist so that he could be tried in Pakistan, and another saying:

Oh God, please punish those who dared to publish these sacrilegious cartoons … give enough power to the Muslim countries and enable them to take revenge.

This latest bounty trumps the previous one offered in December by a youth leader of a Pakistani religious party, which amounted to a mere £4,800 and no car.

17 Responses to “Pakistani cleric offers reward for death of cartoonist”

  1. Andrew Nixon says:

    Some interesting news on the cartoons from Denmark:

  2. muhammad amir kiani says:

    we hate these type of people and inshallah we killed this cartoonist very soon .we hate this type of independ and also hate danish people u r not man.
    you want war and we are ready for war.

  3. Pinchbeck says:

    Muhammad amir kiani, there, proving what a loving a peaceful religion he has….

  4. Andrew Nixon says:

    we hate these type of people and inshallah we killed this cartoonist very soon .

    Which cartoonist do you want dead? Can you even name one of the twelve?

    Considering your obvious lack of intelligence, I doubt it.

  5. Andrew Nixon says:

    Or maybe you want to kill the imam who created 3 extra cartoons to add to the 12 the danish newspaper commisioned?

  6. james says:

    If MuhamMAD could only see what I was doing with his precious Koran right now,
    he would forget all about the CARTOONS!


  7. Steve says:

    I hope the Imam has the cash and cars to pay for all the hits otherwise there might be some very upset assassins and they can be very grumpy when they aren’t paid.

  8. Andrew Nixon says:

    Well they’re going to expect a half-decent car, say 20 grands worth. So thats £29,600 per hit. Twelve cartoonists makes just over £350,000.

    I’m sure he’s got that sort of money down the back of his sofa somewhere.

  9. Marc Draco says:

    Please tell me “2” is a rouse… No?

    Oh well. Just goes to prove the point – predjudiced and illiterate. I guess that explains why violence is his only recourse. *sigh*

  10. Stuart says:

    The new issue of Private Eye hs a very good tke on the whole cartoon thing. Instead of printing the cartoons it describes and comments about each one ofthe original 12. They also go into the source of the pig cartoon and give other examples of the Mohammed drawings that didn’t povoke such problems. Well worth a read

  11. Michael says:

    Muhammad amir kiani’s comment is mild compared to the average muslim posters over this matter. You should read a few of the ones you get here:

    If you don’t have ‘Islamaphobia’ before you read them, you will by the end of it.

    Isn’t humanity noble and great!

  12. Stuart says:

    Wonder if this prayer leader has a previous past as an TV publicist – perhaps for a US tele-evangelist? It’s interesting that he uses the same publicity technique – basically make an outrageous offer of a cash prize for a task no-one’s going to be able to do, in the knowledge you’ll never have to pay out but you might get a few more dumb punters through the door of your mosque, impressed by your show of ‘faith’.

  13. marc says:

    I’m not Islamophobic, I’m Islamofuckedoffwithit.

    A phobia is a fear – I’m not scared of Islam. I’m scared of what it’s “defenders” can physically do to me though. Moreover, I’m pissed off with the way our world leaders are generally spineless when it comes to challenge this behaviour.

  14. shaun hollingworth says:

    Why is term “islamaphobia” used as a kind of insult ?

    There is nothing shameful about any phobia, and the way the Muslims are conducting themselves, a fear of Islam by those who don’t want it imposed on them seems to be justified to me.

    Very justified.

  15. G. Tingey says:

    And NO REACTION to the fact that an Eguptian paper (Al Faqr(?)) published the cartoons during Ramadan – and no-one noticed …..

  16. Marc Draco says:

    Good point Shaun. In defense I’d have to say that a phobia is an *irrational* fear (a very minor form mental illness for most of us that can be cured).

    Fear of Islam moving in on the west and our values (secular or Xian)is not irrational; it’s a very real fear and the sooner the idiotic leaders of this country get that through their thick skulls, the better.

    What they mean is Islamodium, but it doesn’t rhyme as well. (Odium is from the latin word to Hate.) Interestingly, it also rhymes nicely with Immodium, which is a cure for diarrhea!

    What a word – sort of sums it up perfectly! These guys do talk a lot of shit.