Oh Deeyah

The Independent on Sunday reports that a US-based Muslim pop singer has had to hire bodyguards to protect her during her visit to the UK next month. 28-year-old Deeyah has outraged hardline imams with her latest song “What Will it Be?“, which talks about the death threats she has received and her experiences of being spat at in the street by middle-aged men. She obviously doesn’t take kindly to such insolence:

We dont take it lightly when you threatinin women,
how you have so much hate and faith in religion?
Fake in the system,
need to take a break wit the dissin,
before you end up in the lake where they fishin.
Hearin bout the muslim madona, asian j lo,
lookin for drama (ok) if you say so.
If you that religious and not wit trendy clothes,
then what you doin even watchin videos?

Her raunchy act has them hot under the collar too. In one of her videos she drops her burqa to reveal that she is wearing a bikini underneath.

I receive letters and emails from women saying I am doing a good job. Putting my life at risk no longer bothers me. That so many women – Muslim women included – are abused by people in their own religion and communities does.

UPDATE: The MCB have questioned Deeyah’s claim to be a Muslim. Apparently her real name is Deepika Thathaal – a Hindu name. They reckon Muslim-rebel persona is just a publicity stunt.

11 Responses to “Oh Deeyah”

  1. Andy A says:

    Think it time we dissin’ these Muzzies
    Now’s no time to be gettin’ all fuzzie
    Wit de dudes who wantin’ to be beheadin’
    Whether they imams or Mujaheddin.
    A lot bin said in de papers bout de toons
    Dat upset these dudes, dey a bunch o’ goons.
    It time they be shown the door, man,
    ‘Cos they be makin’ my head so sore, man.
    All they did was draw, man, a dude called Mo
    But these dudes say it’s a no-no. No?

    Er, I think I need a drink.

  2. SK says:

    Although I have no problems with anyone practicing their personal religion peacefully. The thing that really bugs me is the loud call for prayers early mornings. I am not religious but I need my sleep. Why do some muslims have to be selfish and disturb other people??

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  4. Paul says:

    Am I the only one that thinks something has gone seriously wrong when a woman feels unable to visit the UK without bodyguards?

  5. just a question says:

    Are there not muslims who do not have typical muslim names? Or is more of a regional thing? I know this is fairly common in Bosnia, but i don’t know about India.
    And i could have sworn she was supposed to be Norwegian (at least by birth) from an earlier blog entry here at MWW quite a while back.
    Wait, the Wiki is helpfull – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deeyah
    Norwegian born, calls London home, Persian/Afghan mum and a Indian/Pakistani Dad (hence the name?).

  6. We find this disgraceful how people can treat such an amazing woman in such a degrading way. She is living her life and speaking out amongst all of the hypocrisy that exists within her culture. Personally i think she is fully justified to do what she has done, after reading an indepth interview about her struggles as a muslim woman, she deserves to speak out: If there is anything wrong with islam its the extremists who send her death threats, not her for showing her back, or for wearing revealing clothes, its her life and i support her totally for it! I hope that she does prevail and change the perception that exists within the asian community today. We should unite and continue to support Deeyah!

  7. Spoootnik says:

    The Bikini Beneath the Burka,

    Another video that should be extensively broadcasted and released, is the video by DEEYAH. It can be seen on her web site : http://www.deeyah.com/quicktime03.htm. In the end of the video, she removes her Burka, to dive in the swimming pool in a not so …

  8. Rana says:

    BS! If people aren’t gonna stop stereotypes there’s seriously no hope for a better world!! I know a lot of muslim girls none of what she said is right there are obviously some that are mistreated just like there are in every country and every culture but nobody is perfect and you know european girls are stereotyped as sluts does that mean that they are?? Many American women are being beaten up by their husbands in the states, many women are getting raped in latin America,Isn’t that degrading?? Well, let’s just forgot about every mistake that we do and blame others, we’re sick of picking on and discriminating against blacks and jews, who do we wanna discriminate against now? Obviously muslims!

  9. She’s nice to look at, her music is kinda lame, and Muslim’s should leave her alone. Here’s my take on Deeyah.

  10. shakirah says:

    i think dat deeyah is a real b.itch i hate her music it embarasses muslim plp when i showed the music to ma friend she is a christian she goes how come she’s calling her self a muslim and she behaves disgusting thaN CHRISTIANS I HOPE DEEYAH ROTS IN HELL COZ I KNOW SHE WILL WE R ASHMED OF HER

  11. stayc says:

    i totally agree with everything dat deeyah iz sayin coz its all tru. women r bein oprssed by dere
    people and i think dat it is pathetic. i am a muslim and in no way am i ashamed of her, she makes me proud to be muslim, dat dere is people like her who stand up for what is right.