Progressive Muslims announce Mo-toon comp

It’s not exactly up there with boomka’s anti-semitic cartoon contest in the humorously self-deprecating stakes, but it’s a start. The reformist Muslims at have announced a “Competition to Use Visual Media to Reflect the Truth about Muhammad and Quranic Islam” as a gesture of support for the principle of freedom of expression.

We are announcing an award for a cartoon/portrait of Muhammad that would depict him accurately as a human being and a messenger of peace and progress. We will publish the winning portrait at and in our upcoming “The Quran: A Reformist Translation.”

(From Pickled Politics)

7 Responses to “Progressive Muslims announce Mo-toon comp”

  1. Amy says:

    I know exactly what would “depict him accurately as a human being and a messenger of peace and progress”: if Muhammad’s followers behaved as peaceful human beings rather than hate filled assassins.

  2. Andy A says:

    Whatever the noble motives of, surely they can’t produce any image of Muhammad, can they? Isn’t it against the rules?

  3. martyn says:

    Muhammed, that’s the one with two pigs on his head isn’t it? (more ham head)……..
    I’ll get me (flameproof) coat.

  4. Andy Gilmour says:

    ummmm… can anyone who espouses absolute truth through supernaturalism ever be regarded as being related to “progress”?

    IMHO the bizarre and wonderful world of the “Thousand and one nights” (Penguin classics, ISBN: 0140442898) is far more socially liberal & artistically progressive than anything the supernaturalists have produced…

    But that’s just me! 🙂

    Much as I’m no prude, amazon have it listed under CHILDREN’S books…hmmm….teenagers, sure, but I’d think twice about letting the kiddies loose with it (if only to avoid annoying questions demanding explanations of some of the juicier bits…)


  5. sconzey says:


    I guess it depends on how you define “progress” many different people have many different aims in mind for the human race…

    🙂 Thanks for the reccomendation btw, I was looking for something new to read…

  6. Andy Gilmour says:


    Enjoy the 1001 nights…it’s packed full of gratuitous violence, rampant lust, and stupid people getting their come-uppance. It’s great ‘cos so many people would just take one look at the cover, say “urghh…penguin classic..OLD stuff? boooooring!”, never realising what they’re missing.

    I have a stupendously large collection of Norse saga translations, too, which are extremely entertaining, but don’t have any of the sex. And there’s actually a lot less violence than people might imagine. But still lots of fun stuff, like one of the great “miracles” attributed to St. Olaf – a very small bunch of vikings are able to kick the crap out of a much larger bunch of vikings, and take all their ships, weapons, and treasure. They then leave the captives stranded, naked, in Wales. How’s that for “muscular christianity”? 🙂

    King Harald’s saga is a good place to start for anyone who’s interested…

  7. Rana says:

    oh! so in order to be called a “progressive” muslim, you have to follow what others want you to do and think instead of having your opinion and still be moderate what kinda freedom of express is that, there are many muslims who oppose the cartoons and are very moderate and progressive.. it’s like we want muslims to accept the freedom of speech but at the same time we want to force them to believe that we are right in order to call them moderate what the heck is this nonsense!! yeah you’ve never hurt anyone, but you’re a muslim who opposes the cartoons so you’re ignorant and you’re a terrorist! If you don’t oppose them, then you’re moderate just because you agree with me!!! It’s soo amazing how some countries are trying to rule the world have stupid excuses behind what they’re trying to do , and actually think that they would get away with it !!