More on the CCB

MWW has reported on the Christian Council of Britain and their links with the BNP before. Now Bartholomew reports that the founder of the organisation, the Reverend Robert West, has been suspended from the Conservative Party after addressing a BNP meeting in Huddersfield. A Tory party spokesman commented on the suspension, saying “The BNP is an odious and abhorrent organisation. The councillor has been suspended from the council’s Conservative group and local association pending an investigation.”

Mr West gave a speech in which he denounced inter-racial marriage, and quoted the Bible as the source of this belief. Scarily, this man is on the Lincolnshire Council for Racial Equality. He also said that the CCB has been formed to counter attacks on free speech. If that’s the case why did they use protests against Jerry Springer: The Opera to help get their message across?

The CCB was formed as a counterpoint to the Muslim Council of Britain, which has also claimed to support free speech, when Iqbal Sacranie was questioned by the police after his comments against gay marriage on Radio 4 back in January, and has also campaigned for censorship, with reagrds to to Mo-toons. So the CCB and MCB have at least one thing in common: Hypocrisy.

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  1. dean says:

    I just want to continue about the cartoon issues lately and wana ask wheather is the painter is out of his mind drawing something which is sensitive to us muslims?I may think that he is having a lot of stress and answers to the “black man” comments,why don’t u ask the freethinkers as they might also be that idiots.And I dont think the painter is sincere about his own religion at all since he just targetting to Muslims.Therefore think before u grab that ink and draw and look right onto the mirror ok.Ask urself,what are we here for?Don’t u know the end of time closer now?Most of us who have a religion do practises solemn everyday for muslims and we are getting the clearer pic of who we are to God and the messenger,so the painter has the right to say things since he is not thinking wisely enough and just one thing,does he grow up with basic islamic nurturing?I am a muslim and regarded the next life better than this.So pls don’t take this lightly next time ok.In every religions in this world there are always respects and that respect u must EARN IT.