Da Vinci Code round-up

Newsflash reports that pressure group on Manila is trying to get the upcoming Da Vinci Code movie banned, and all copies of the book in the Philippines destroyed.

The Philippine Alliance Against Pornography (PAAP) also wants author Dan Brown, whom they compare to Adolf Hitler, to be declared persona non grata in the country.

The clerics should remember their responsibility to protect the flock. As shepherds they are mandated by God that no sheep will bite this poisonous film, go astray and die

a spokesman was doubtlessly mistranslated as saying. He also provided the customary deeply-ironic quote about the book’s credibility:

all the factual claims of Brown are diabolical, illogical, baseless, out of this world.

Meanwhile, in Rome, the Catholic church has been having a fit about the fact that a giant poster for the soon-to-be-released film has appeared on the facade of San Pantaleo church.

Monsignor Marco Frisina of the Rome diocese:

The Da Vinci Code is a clever piece of commercial exploitation. Fine. But sticking a huge advert on the facade of a church is a blatant provocation,” he said. “In front of a church in the historical centre! They’ll soon be putting them on the front of the vicariato [the diocese headquarters]

It is not known whether or not The Da Vinci Code film will carry a disclaimer similar to the one shown at the end of Mel Gibson’s pious-porn fest The Passion of the Christ. But if it does, then surely they have nothing to worry about?


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4 Responses to “Da Vinci Code round-up”

  1. Nice to see they’re keeping the debate on a reasonable level by comparing the author of this bog-standard potboiler to one of the biggest tyrants of the 20th century.

  2. Andy A says:

    They never learn, of course. It’s largely down to the row over it that, when I get a chance to borrow it from the library, I’ll be reading this book, then watching the movie when it gets to TV. I probably wouldn’t have bothered otherwise. I’m just one. There are probably hundreds of thousands like me. What did Lady T say about “the oxygen of publicity”?

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  4. martyn says:

    you say “Lady T”, LADY? Are you absolutely positive about that?