Norwich Anarchists and CWACKers turn out for Springer

Last night saw demonstrations outside the Norwich Theatre Royal both by Christians against the show, plus a group from Norwich Anarchists and a brigade of CWACKERS (Class War Against Christian Wankers) representing freedom of speech.

Christian chants of “Jesus! Jesus!” were countered by cries of “Elvis! Elvis!” by the opposing crowd. Placards bore slogans including “BRING OUT THE LIONS”, “THE ABORTION CLINIC IS THAT WAY”, “JUDGE PEOPLE LESS – WASH MORE FEET”, and “JESUS DIED FOR HIS SINS – NOT MINE”.

The anarchists and class warriors have vowed to return to future performances – and next time they’re bringing guitars. Nice work!

(More photos at London Class War)

15 Responses to “Norwich Anarchists and CWACKers turn out for Springer”

  1. Joe Otten says:

    While anarchists are usually surprisingly, er, civilised, class war are such an unsavoury bunch they make christians look normal. Despite the entertainment value, I think I’d rather they were on the wrong side.

  2. Jez says:

    Excellent stuff! Nice to see other cities in the JS:TO tour standing up to the Ignorant Bigots too. This was my contribution in Manchester.

  3. unity says:

    Now, now Joe – credit where its due.

    Even the Class War lot have the occasional bright idea every now and then…

    ..not often, mind you, but every once in a while they get something right.

  4. marc says:

    People tend to take you more seriously if you wash and shave before going out ranting. Looking like a bunch of unwashed hooligans does nothing to support our cause and bathes the idiots in limelight. Nice idea, badly executed.

  5. Pinchbeck says:

    Yeah, because Kristians are always such a stylish bunch…

    I think guitars are a bad idea unless its electric and you play it like Satan himself.

  6. Ricky Smith says:

    “Elvis! Elvis!”….LOVE IT!

  7. martyn says:

    People tend to take you more seriously if you wash and shave before going out ranting

    Yes unfortunately true, but the way you look really shouldn’t make any difference to the point your trying to make.

  8. Andy A says:

    Yes unfortunately true, but the way you look really shouldn’t make any difference to the point your trying to make.

    It shouldn’t, Martyn, but unfortunately it does. Same with speech. If you hear someone well spoken representing a particular point of view (and I’m not talking about an accent here, just a good delivery and the ability to speak in complete sentences) you tend, rightly or wrongly, to take him/her more seriously. Canny campaigners are aware of that. If you don’t want credibility, go out looking like an unwashed, smelly slob.

  9. Ella says:

    Marc – I find your point really offesive. I was at the demo (ironically late as I was in the bath!) and I can safely say that no-one was “smelly”, thank you very much. Some people had come straight from work, so apologies if we weren’t all in our dinner jackets! And I can’t really believe that you think that peple with beards aren’t valid contributers to the movement!!Don’t be so petty, lots of people got of there arse and went out to stand uyp for something they really believed in, with lots of support from the general public (who semmed completely oblivious to body hair). Maybe you should be focussing on that, rather than trying to criticise the efforts of some very dedicated, good intentioned activists.

  10. Youth Section says:

    Just to clear something up: this demo had nothing to do with class war, other than the completely irrelevant fact that two of the people there happen to be members.

  11. Monitor says:

    … and identified themselves as “The Norwich Brigade of CWACKERS (Class War Against Christian Wankers)” – as reported on the Class War website.

  12. Ella says:

    It also had nothing to do with Norwich Anarchists then, except for the fact that some of it’s members were there!

  13. Joe's Mum says:

    Evidence please Joe, evidence.

  14. Joe's Dad says:

    Youth Section…funny that I counted four, Now stop getting your testicles in a twist.

    Semantics dear boy, semantics.

  15. The Broken Record says:

    Marc, what is this ‘our’ cause tosh?

    You are sounding like one of these christians!