Indian Muslims join Da Vinci fray

According to Reuters, Mumbai Catholics have acquired more powerful allies in their campaign to get The Da Vinci Code banned. An organisation of Islamic clerics has joined with them in condemning the film as “blasphemous”.

Maulana Mansoor Ali Khan, general secretary of the All-India Sunni Jamiyat-ul-Ulema:

The Holy Koran recognises Jesus as a prophet. What the book says is an insult to both Christians and Muslims

Oh, great.

Muslims in India will help their Christian brothers protest this attack on our common religious belief.

Fast unto death? Unfortunately not. Syed Noori, president of Mumbai-based Raza Academy, a Muslim cultural organisation that often organises protests on issues concerning Islam said:

If the government doesn’t do anything, we will try our own ways of stopping the film from being shown. We are prepared for violent protests in India if needed.

Way to go, Syed. Demand that respect!

3 Responses to “Indian Muslims join Da Vinci fray”

  1. Pinchbeck says:

    Ooooh, look!! A bandwagon!! Room for us to jump on??’

    What oppertunism! Look on the bright side, though. The more they shout, the more people will go and see it. DVC could be a real triumph for non-theists, showing the Vatican, Opus Dei ect just how little of a toss most of the world gives about them, which is great even if Dan Brown and his awful wife make me want to vomit.

  2. Marc Draco says:

    Yeah! We could do with a few more mainstream movies like the DVC. More and more people need to realises what a crock the whole deal is and that we’re really far better off living decent lives with the one chance we know we get.

    If God exists, surely it’s big enough to speak for itself – why would it need men to second guess it?

  3. theAntiBush says:

    The saddest part is….it’s not real! We’re still talking about fiction.
    The book and film were created to entertain, not as an attack on the religious.
    If nothing, it’s a very powerful attack on wallets and credit cards everywhere, but that’s about it.