Sikh-ing offence

Pickled Politics reports that a group of Sikhs are now trying to grab some of the offended-religionist limelight.

There is a multi-faith institution in Wolverhampton called Ek Niwas. Apparently, in this den of iniquity, parkash pooja of Hindu gods take place right next to the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The Akal Takht has issued a Hukamnama forbidding this, so it is clearly unacceptable. But that is not all – bhangra and giddha are also done in the presence of Guru Ji. No wonder they are up in arms!

Looks like it could be another job for the S-Team.

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  1. Blu_Matt says:

    It should always be remembered that the parkash pooja of any deity should be considered inappropriate, except on Sundays. That fact that it’s happening near to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji only outlines this. That Akal Takht has issued this Hukamnama only serves to impress that all parkash pooja, especially of bhangra and, to a lesser extent, of giddha should be considered carefully in the vicinity of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, especially when it’s remembered exactly because of situations like this that there’s a desire from moderate Sikhs to seek authoritative Hukamnama on a weekend in May. All parkash pooja should be considered carefully within this context.

    P.S. I have no idea what I’ve just written. I think I may have a brain haemorrhage.

  2. Steve says:

    I thought the basic principles of Sikhism were all about bringing Islam and Christianity together. It was only when some Muslims tortured one of the Gurus that Sikhism turned more militant.

    Maybe, these hardline Sikhs should have a rethink and live and let live.

  3. Andy A says:

    Tut, tut, Blu_Matt. Putting a PS (postscript, remember) before the sign-off is clearly a case of your committing the most hideous and heinous crime against the gods that it is possible to commit, and therefore one cannot use its name here, for that is to give it power, but it is universally referred to as Twonk. Twonk is committed when any illogicality is permitted onto a printed page (that can now mean an electronic page of course, since there was no Internet when Twonk entered the field of human consciousness). If Twonk is committed before Pingblatt, it is called Twonk Pingblatt, but if committed after Pingblatt is called Pingblatt Twonk. If Pingblatt and Twonk are committed at the same time it’s called ptiwnognbklatt, a merging of the two words, and, being impossible to say or contemplate – somewhat like a Zen koan – therefore confuses and confounds the spirit of the penitent, causing a thwaahlvop in the Cosmic Consciousness and the penitent to rip his own lungs out. I think I’d better stop there. After a bit of bhangra I always feel a little giddha (the little giddha hasn’t yet complained). (You can read more in my excellent book The Cosmic Wombat’s Scrotum, available only in good dentists’ waiting rooms in Wales.)

  4. I once took a Hukamnama home to bhangra, but I couldn’t giddha off.

    Nice to see Guru Ji back on the scene, too. I’d always assumed he just went back to his day job or something once acid house became unfashionable.

  5. Blu_Matt says:

    Andy A: Thence I must apologise, my mind is obviously trying to think more that it’s actually capable of.

    I plead the 5th.

    Of December. Probably.

  6. Kulpreet Singh says:

    Why would someone want to knowingly offend others?
    When it is known that dancing (bhangra and gidhaa) are not permitted in presence of Guru of Sikhs, and when it is known that idol worship is not allowed in Sikhism, then why would someone want to do it unless their purpose was to offend and misinform?
    I am all for free speech/expression. However, sanity calls for discretion. Certainly, worship your idols and do your dances. Just don’t do it where it shouldn’t be done.
    That’s all.

  7. andrew says:

    Why would someone want to do it? Because they want to that’s why.

    It is not forbidden for me to dance in the presence of Gurus. I should be fully allowed to do it, as long as I am not interfering with someone else.

    If Sikhs are forbidden to do something, fine. Don’t do it. It doesn’t mean that everybody else should be forbidden to do it.

  8. Ricky says:

    Congratulations to Ek Niwas – A New Sikh Gurdwara To Be Opened.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh

    Respected Sungat,

    I have been informed that Ek Niwas are going to open a new Sikh Gurdwara.

    You might ask why?

    People said the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (SGGS) held at Ek Niwas was being disrespected. This was certainly not the case. Mata Ji has been doing it’s seva for the past 42 years. The SGGS has been fully respected.

    With Sikh Leaders requests for the SGGS to be taken away from Ek Niwas, it is unmistakable that this will never happen.

    The immense respect that Mata Ji has for the SGGS it is impossible for it to be taken away from her. With so much love and affection she has for the SGGS, a Gurdwara will be built as a compromise. This will take a lot of effort and money but will be worth it due to the full respect of the SGGS by Mata Ji. This is such an honourable thing to happen.

    I have heard that the Sikh Leaders have objected to the opening of the Gurdwara by Ek Niwas. This is rather confusing due to the compromise that is inherent. But what is fascinating is that I have spoken to Sungat from lots of areas and other Gurdwaras who all give their support.

    I personally give Good Luck to Mata Ji for her sheer determination and respect for the SGGS for taking this decision to build a Gurdwara. God Bless her.

  9. rajesh says:

    i heard rumours that the woman priest at the temple reads the guru granth sahib backwards 40 times or sumit and does blackmagic. is this true anyone??????

  10. Ricky says:

    this email was emailed to me today i think u should read it

    For the first time Mata Kawaljit Kaur Virdee of Ek Niwas has spoken in todays des pardes weekly, This is the article which can be downloaded on the site below.

  11. kangs says:

    message to rajesh,

    NO THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!

  12. mandy says:

    i have been to ek niwas four times now to watch what goes on with the guru granth sahib, and the four times that i have been there, nothing has been done, for example no prayers no prasad no covering of head for about 80% of the people sitting there. and once the guru granth sahib was’nt even there god knows where it was hidden. so i dont know what kind of an idiot gave them permission in the first place to keep our guru granth sahib ji there, because they have no respect for it.

  13. rick says:

    Please do not ignore this as so many have done so before you. We have been trying very hard to inform the relevant authorities locally for many years now, in a hope that they would look into matters. However no one has been interested and nor have they taken any information given by us seriously it would seem because this organisation has been growing rapidly.

    We have tried to obtain and give the most accurate information to the best of our knowledge with the limited tools at our disposal. We have hardly scratched the surface now the rest is up to you.


    Ek Niwas
    (universal divine temple)
    71-72 Dudley Road
    WV2 3BY
    Temple 01902 450 494
    Mobile 07836 320 825

    Charity number 1056024

    Head priest :- Tochi Singh Boparai aka Tarlochan Singh Boparai [name used in temple affairs.] also goes by the name of Tom. The followers call him Baba. DOB 10.12 1955. Came to the UK aged approx 11, from Village Pragpur, Jallandhar, Punjab, India.

    A known trouble maker from a young age, having being expelled from schools for physical violence towards white pupils ever since he arrived.
    He is separated from his wife with which he has 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl.

    His ex wife lives in Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton. They split up after he married Kawaljit Virdee in an unofficial capacity in front of his wife, thereafter he left his family and moved out.

    Tochi started his spiritual healing and exorcisms whilst he had a dry cleaning business in Wolverhampton and this would take place above the shop. Kawaljit started to attend and they began to have an affair. Kawaljit’s family did not like this at all and there were a lot of incidents between Tochi and her family. Incidents like Tochi’s car being smashed up and assaults, abh and gbh etc.

    Kawaljits family who still live in Wolverhampton (her mother, brother now deceased and his wife and two children) disowned her, even to this day Kawaljits mother does not speak to Tochi but she has now however started to meet her daughter after the death of her son.

    Meanwhile Kawaljit was so much in love with Tochi that she decided to give up prostitution and live with Tochi. This is when they got married in an unofficial hindu ceremony that took place above the dry cleaning shop. After which Tochi assaulted his real wife and then left her outside a relatives house in Wolverhampton.

    Tochi openly admits to his followers that he intended to kill his real wife by taking her to India and then he never planned to return to the UK. But this all changed when he was instructed by god to open a temple called Ek Niwas in conjunction with Kawaljit.
    They then started to practise their cult together at the house of kawaljit in Whitmore Reans, after sometime of gathering donations from the public they bought a house on Dudley road (next door to the dentists) and opened their cult temple Ek Niwas. Their cult following began to grow extremely over the coming years and they started to acquire very large cash donations.

    Then it was announced that god had informed them to build the best temple in Europe so they went from a temple in a house to the above location which was formally a chemical factory of some sort.
    They have been very clever and are very charming and it must be said that they are masters at their craft, they are like a mix between business people, politicians and real life gangsters.

    They have thought through what they are doing very carefully, for example there are thousands of temples in the world but in order to generate interest and leads like in any business they had to be different. So what would be more different than to put every and any faith under the same roof, hence this would attract people from all communities and all age groups.

    Like any business attracting people and interesting them is the hard part but once they are through the door you can start to work on them and mould them to serve the cause.
    They have also successfully exploited the media, T.V and Radio. Having featured on Zee T.V and Radio XL on which they had a regular slot.

    In turn they appeal to a wide audience of people and are very successful in recruiting them and abusing them for their own beneifit without the person even knowing that they are being used.

    The temple is open everyday in the morning and evenings with the main prays etc on Tuesday evening, Thursday evening and all day Sunday till late.
    Everyone attending is seen by Tochi or Kawajit or even both as the case may be after the Prays and singing. This is done on a one to one basis in private.
    People attend each session from all over the length and breadth of the country

    When the temple is open cash donations just flood in.

    They psychologically brain wash people so much that they themselves start to believe that they are doing what god wants them to do and that gods wish is communicated to them through Tochi and Kawaljit. People start to depend on this advise and guidance like a form of drug they get addicted.
    So when Tochi or Kawaljit ask for a cash donation from a person they feel obliged to give and at the same time ashamed that they have had to have been asked for it whereas they should have had done so themselves out of respect. They expect donations weekly without fail.

    They do not condone violence and believe that any means is just and necessary to fight the cause, like suicide bombers. Some parents see Tochi and Kawaljit as mature people who have this ability to understand and connect to their teenage kids, so they bring their problem children to the temple in the hope that they may be able to steer them in the right direction i.e away from extreme views, drugs, theft, violence and gang culture etc.

    Tochi and Kawaljit secretly praise these type of people when they are seen by them, which is on a one to one basis in the temple, hence winning them over and support them for their own use and benefit. In turn the children to not object to coming to the temple with there parents and then they start to over time brain wash them gradually. One example of this would be that if a person is Violent and in a gang, they will inform the parents that it is out of the control of their child because he is possessed but they will be able to heal him given time. So this gives the parents hope and some justification to the actions of their child. So then the parents maybe told to go easy on the child and not to ask him too many questions of where he has been and were he maybe going and when he will be back etc.
    This in turn reduces the tension in the household and all parties involved think that things are genuinely changing, thanks to the guidance and support from the temple and what they have been instructed to do by God directly Via Tochi and Kawaljit.
    Meanwhile Tochi and Kawaljit mould this type of person knowing that he may be very useful to them and have connections that they can exploite at anytime when the need may arise. They advise a lot of people like this to go on holiday in India and recommend that they will be well looked after by the contacts that they have there. (Read on this will make sence)

    Female priest :- Kawaljit Kaur Virdee aka Baby and she also uses the name kanwaljit, the followers call her Mata. DOB ~1954. Kawaljit is a known former asain prostitute who used to operate in the Whittmore Reans area of Wolverhampton. Married to Gurjeet singh dob 30.11.1948. Used to own/run a market stall in Cannock market. Also all the above owned and may still own a shop, Sutton farm foods and wines, unit 2-3 shopping trade, tilstock cresent, shrewsbury, wy2 6hw. 01743 358 612.

    Kawaljit and Gurjeet have 4 children, 3 girls and 1 boy. Eldest girl Harjinder aka Pinky,being married to Gurjinder Loyal aka Sonu from India. Pinky is also a key player in this set up. All the above are very sharp minded and clever but Kawaljit and Gurjeets son, Harvinder known as Rinky (and also Harvey) is quite the prodcial son and it is known that he does divulge confidential information about the Temple activities to other people once he is drunk. However this said he does know how to keep his mouth shut when he is sober. The two younger daughers being Satvinder known as Saty and Jasvinder known as Jass.

    All the above live at the temple. There is also another private dwelling built within the rear car park, this is where Pinky and her husband live along with her in laws who have only recently arrived in the uk from India.

    Tochi and Kawaljit are totally uneducated and have no formal religious training or qualifications whatsoever. They are self made cult leaders.

    Tochi and Kawaljit own property in India at, Ek Niwas, #17, 3B1, Mohali, Punjab, India.

    Tochi also has property and land at Village Pragpur, PO Dhanowali, Jallandhar, Punjab, India.

    They have bought 100’s of acres of land over the past 7 years in the mountains in Kalka which is near the border of Pakistan. They have conveniently acquired this land as it is near Pakistan’s Radar, so near in fact that it can be seen from their land clearly.

    Hundreds of acres of land purchased in India in the mountain regions, check money transfers made abroad. Have purchased lots of property in India in the Punjab and Delhi areas. In Delhi the have accommodation very close to the Indra Ghandi airport.

    Check accounts, cash donations – where is the money going? A stall is run within the temple which sells all type of religious items fancy goods, this is a very productive cash business for which no accounts are submitted or tax paid.
    All the purchases that are made from the income generated by the temple, are made in their own personal names. (In the names of Tochi, Kawaljit and Gurjeet along with there children and son in law) Purchases such as land, property and cars etc in the UK and abroad. They also have a whole host of companies that they seem to own one being Kamal Mata LTD.

    They make large cash purchases buying cars etc.
    They have had asian business men give them very large donations of sums of amounts as big as £50,000 cash. Tochi was on a radio interview on an asian radio station, radio xl in Birmingham, when one such business man demanded his money back and Tochi denied all knowledge and the management cut the call. The management of Radio XL support them too and they all use this medium to introduce themselves to young and old members of the asian community. They had their own weekly slot on the show too for many years.

    Ek Niwas is a Registered Charity but the accounts not up to date why? The accounts which have been submitted in the past are totally false they show the temple to be in debt. One way to prove this would simply be to observe the amount of donations that are given in public at the temple by people attending and the followers.

    They have a clever tax specialist accountant who fiddles the books. Know as Deeshee from east London. Who comes every week to stay for the weekend. Mr Sockhal 49 Greenwich high, London. Approx 6’ Tall, clean shaven, medium build and fair complextion.

    Paradise city time share scam, sold time shares @£2000 cash to thousands of people attending the temple in the late 90’s (approx 1996 and onwards). They attracted national coverage by advertising in the Times Newspaper. Working along side them was an English gentleman who they claimed was a pilot and a Sikh gentleman known as Billa who has some connection to a shop somewhere in Birmingham called Uncles. Its believed that Billa’s father in law owns the shop called Uncles and Billa may be found working there. Billa is approx 5.8 tall, chubby build, wears a black turban and has a trimmed beard with fair complextion.
    They told people that for a sum of £2,000 they were buying a detached luxury dwelling in a complex that they were going to build themselves as they had been instructed to by god. This complex was going to be a safe Haven for the troubled times that lay ahead in the UK and the whole world for that matter. It would have armed security and would be a one stop closed complex including shops etc. It was also stated that in the terrible times of trouble that lay ahead this would be the only safe place on earth and that only the lucky souls that were fortunate enough to attend the temple were blessed with this information.
    This scam was run for quite some time and when people started to ask questions of when the dwellings were going to be ready and started pushing to visit the site in India, when they were planning to go for holidays, they kept the money and told everyone the company went bust. This money was then sent abroad to India.
    It is a fact that they have transferred hundreds and thousands of pounds from banks in the UK to banks in Chandigarh, India. They have also used the black market to transfer money abroad too.

    Kawaljit is wanted to appear in court in Chandigarh, India, for legal proceedings under the terrorism act. This case is against a retired army colonel who lives in chandigarh. The colonel was introduced to them by Pinky’s father in law and her husband Gurjinder Loyal (aka Sonu). Pinkys in law’s who are now living with them at the temple in Wolverhampton, are key partners in the India operations. The colonel was used for his contacts to purchase land in the mountains and they thought if they could win him over would be a very useful person to them, due to his military background and training. The coronal was not stupid, after spending months getting to know them all he was able to build up a true picture of what they were intending to do, i.e. acquire land to make a terrorist training camp etc. The coronal was also offered a job and asked to recruit other ex army personnel to aid in training and people from extremist groups within India and Kashmir.
    He realised that he was dealing with a very dangerous and extremist organisation, so he then informed the Police, after doing so he was attacked and left for dead, but in fact he survived, only just.

    There is warrant out for her arrest and the police have been regularly going to their house in Ek Niwas, #17, 3B1, Mohali, Punjab, India. They are attended to by there Housekeeper a man in his 40’s called Chintu. This man is much more than a housekeeper and is the right hand man in the India operations. Recently Chintu’s son was caught in possession of a very large quantity of heroin and arrested and imprisoned with intent to supply. His arrest was made near the Rajasitan boarder with Punjab. Chintu’s wife was also arrested and imprisoned and caught supplying Heroin in the Jallandhar, Punjab. Chintu and his family are all on the Ek Niwas payroll. Chintu is formerly from G.T Road, Jallandhar near the Village of Pragpur.

    Kawaljit lived in India for extended periods to promote themselves and since then she has only returned now secretly to India after a period of approx 5 years, she may have gone under a different identity. However Tochi and Gurjeet along with Gurjeets children have been back and fourth regulary. Kawaljit’s return to India so soon after the bombings in the UK indicates that something big and important must be taking place, as it is a very big risk she is taking because if caught by the police now, she will be Imprisoned and tried in a court of law in Chandigarh. It is possible that Tochi, Kawaljit and Gurjeet may have both Indian and British passports.

    Since arriving in Britain Gurjinder (aka sonu) has worked in the shop at Shrewsbury but now works as a bus driver for west midlands transport.
    Gurjinder (aka sonu) and his parents lived in Patiala, India, from where it was convenient for them to support terrorists in Kashmir in supplying them with firearms etc that came directly into India through their connections from China.
    Gurjinder (aka Sonu) has been to and lived in the states in New York and worked as a Taxi Driver once again a convenient job. He has also been and lived in Australia from where he was caught deported back to India for reasons unknown at this time. It is believed that he changed his identity before he went abroad again, i.e false passport and other documents in another name etc.

    Incite racial hate

    They claim that white people in the uk will kick all non white people out, in support giving examples of Uganda and recently president Mugarbi imposing an impression that it will happen but its only a matter of time.
    They then inform people that they are blessed with this insider knowledge by the will of god and that it is communicated directly to them by Baba Balak Nath. They are very charming in their ways and have mastered the art of making people feel better in themselves and in turn to trust them mainly by making venerable people feel special. Over time they develop a strong bond and brain wash people with their ideas such as that Mahatma Ghandi has been reincarnated as Prince Charles, justifying that it is true by pointing out the resemblance of the big ears and that before Ghandi died he vowed that he would bring shame on the British for all that they have done wrong whilst in India.
    They have been saying since 1998 that trouble will be started by Muslims worldwide, saying the will have to be eliminated, wiped out by an army that god has instructed Tochi to make before a peaceful world can start.

    They make bold claims such as, that at Meeca under the tomb that no person is allowed to see is a Shiv ling (A hindu thing used to worship Shiva). Once this tomb is uncovered and water is allowed to flow on and around it, this will kill all the muslims in the world instantly. They claim that they will uncover the tomb and their army of chosen ones will fire arrows into the heavens from where it will rain by the will of God and this will mark the end of Muslims in the world and a new world will begin.

    In this time of war they state that the only safe place will be on their land that they are purchasing and will be developing in the mountains in India.

    They brain wash the young and venerable claiming that god speaks to them directly and openly admit this in public and in interviews. (please read the article by Ron and Catherine Geaves)

    Claim that they have been instructed by god to make an army of selected ones to fight their cause.

    Openly brag about having access to and owning firearms and the knowledge of using them. Tochi had a member of a gun club give him a certificate on stage on a Sunday worship (the main day) to certify that he is a shooting expert. Hoping it will increase in the number of new leads in youngsters to recuirt.

    Advise young people to go on Holidays to India in the mountains for de stressing doing things like target practise with real guns.

    Exploit people by saying that they can spiritually heal them but in return they must do as he says because that’s what God is telling them to do. A lot of young people start following them but only a few realise that they have been miss guided are told by Tochi and Kawaljit that they will die and a whole number of young males have suddenly committed suicide under suspious circumstances.

    Recently there has been an increase in the number of Muslims attending the temple, especially the younger generation most of whom are students. Tochi and Kawaljit promote the extreme views of radical Islamic leaders and actively promote suicide bombing and terrorist behaviour. They brain wash people in to their own way of thinking for example that Saddam Hussain was a great leader who has done nothing wrong apart from stopping the USA and the UK rob them of their oil.
    Another thing that they promote to young Muslims is racial hate especially toward the white British and Jews.
    They say that History teaches us that peaceful protest gets you nowhere in this world like the methods of Mahatma Ghandi. They imprint the impression upon young minds that the route of Violence and terrorism is the only option and way forward and that all this is communicated to them directly by god for the betterment of the world. They also inform the young followers that they are very lucky and that they have been sent to seek advise and guidance from the temple as the will of God because they are special and may be the select few chosen ones that will carry out some very important tasks in the near future.

    They provide people with false/ new identities i.e proper passports, national insurance numbers and driving licences. This type of activity was also proved to be true locally in a Walsall Sikh temple a short time back.

    Tochi, Kawaljit and Gurjeet have all been arrested on a rape charge in the past, it is believe that they intimidated the woman and her family so much that they dropped the charge.
    They abuse young females in the temple by physically and mentally, beating them and justifying this by saying that they are possessed. This process is bondage like and sometimes the person is held by kawaljit and beaten by Tochi, whilst others are always on hand to help and partake.

    If people do try to inform the police etc they are intimidated and also told especially by Kawaljit that they are really out of their depth and that they do not know who they are dealing with and also that they will disappear without a trace and that no one will even be able to find their bones.

    Checking all the details of their phone calls going over the years and you will find that they have ran up thousands of pounds in bills to premium rate sex chat lines from their personal landline that is in their living quarters in the temple. They have changed their landline number so many times over the years.

    Balwinder Singh Mugger a contact they have in Nakodar, Punjab, India. Balwinder is a known Sikh extremist since the attack on the golden temple in 1984 and now is involved in local politics and supports and aids the temple in accommodating and training people in terrorist activities, whilst they are in India. Balwinder has the ability to provide false documents like new identities etc from his contacts within the government that he bribes and whom are on his payroll. He is a very well known player within Jallandhar, he has contacts with high ranking police officers too who because they are on his payroll conveniently turn a blind eye to his activities.

    It is a well known fact that within countries like India corruption exists and is a really big issue. It is people like the above and below that abuse the system enabling them to become war lords and terrorists without having anyone to answer too for their actions. In turn these cold blooded monsters are born.

    Tochi has Brother who lives in Germany, Manjit Singh Rai.
    Tochi has a sister who lives in Darlington, UK.
    Tochi has another sister who is in India married to Mohinder Singh, son of Harbhajan Singh, of Village Rajab near Mustfapur, Jallandhar, Punjab, India.

    Tochi and kawaljit have followers in Austria who support them and they may also have opened a temple set up in Austria too, from where they are also sent financial support.

    Sunday mercury – there was a reporter who followed the activities at the temple and who tried to expose them too, he wrote an article giving them negative press.

    People to contact for further info:

    Surinder ( Tochi’s ex wife) who still lives in Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton.

    Tochi’s sons, the younger of which recently also tried to expose him too. He returned to live with him at the temple and acquired insider information on the day to day dealings of his father, Kawaljit and temple affairs. He was sent to Germany from were he returned and tried to expose them and there were newspaper reports and interviews given by his son.

    Tochi’s daughter also lived with him for some time after her marriage broke up who also has insider knowledge.

  14. kangs says:

    all the above information given is NOT TRUE!!! I have been to to ek niwas for 7 years and i have neva eva seen any disrespect towards the granth or towards any females.

    it says above commented by Rick well we all knows this is not a rick its the same Shinda who has been against ek niwas for many years!!!

    He thinks he can provoke public by giving out false information about ek niwas he is wrong!!!! at the end of the day you will not succeed in wateva your doing.

    this shinda has been opening many online pages and giving oiut false information about ek niwas..





  15. Nin says:

    With regard to Ek Niwas, and the comments made by Rick.
    No disprescept has been shown to women, or religions. The only disrespect shown is what has been written above and all the above comments regarding Individuals at Ek niwas are as False as the person who wrote those comments- the above is slander and wrong.

    I go to Ek Niwas and have not found any reason or neither have they shown any disrespect to anyone. Especially the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

    Ek Niwas Means One place of worship.
    I agree with Kangs – Ek niwas is innocent.

    **piece of advice Rick – U have a good imgination – but dont give up the day job.
    As for Ek niwas we know the truth and people like u r a waste of space**

  16. ur enemy says:

    ek niwas needs to be burnt down!!!!

  17. ??????? says:

    “By dancing and jumping, devotional worship is not performed. But one who dies in the Word of the Shabad, obtains devotional worship.
    He alone is a dancer, who dances with his mind. Waheguru is not satisfied with falsehood; He is pleased only with Truth.”

  18. man says:

    Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji cannot be and should under no curcustances be kept or brought onto a premisses where:
    Ritulised dancing occurs.
    Idols or deity’s are worshiped.
    Ritual bell ringing occurs.
    All of the above occur at Ek Niwas, so i find it rather amusing that you can say it ‘conducts itself in the proper maner’. you should do us all a favour and shut up, you pathetic individual, you dont know anything at all about Sikhi, so dont comment on such an issue.

  19. Monitor says:

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