Greer – a bit mental

Germaine Greer defends her stance on the Brick Lane fiasco in an article in today’s Guardian, but her reluctance to concede any points leads her to revise her own words.

In the original article that caused the backlash from Rushdie and Natasha Walter she stated:

The community has the moral right to keep the film-makers out …

In today’s article, she says:

Natasha Walter, writing on these pages, claims not to know what I could possibly mean by saying that the residents of Brick Lane have a “moral right” to refuse to cooperate with the people making the film of Monica Ali’s book.

Er, but that’s not what you said, is it GG? She goes on:

You don’t have the moral right to stop the process

And the difference between keeping the film makers out of Brick Lane and stopping the process of filming in Brick Lane is…?

Basically all Greer was trying to say all along was that writers can sometimes expect to get a bit of flak – a fairly mundane and uncontroversial point. She says, “I don’t believe in censorship of any kind at any level”. The problem is, in her original article she gave her implicit support for a group whose aim was to stop the filming (ie to censor), and who were willing to resort to violence to achieve that aim.

A simple “Sorry for being silly” was all that was required of her.

7 Responses to “Greer – a bit mental”

  1. Andy Gilmour says:

    Has Germaine Greer EVER said “sorry”, for anything?

    Just wondered…

  2. Lionel says:

    For some reason and after reading” the article on Saturday’s Guardian, I got the impression that Greer is reading this website, specially when she said Double Racism

    Now, did our friends of media-watch seen last Sunday Telegraph’s? It publish two full pages on how bad “Immigrants” are, including an attack on “English as second languaje” in London Schools, plus “Asylum 1 bn Legal costs” and the very daily-malicious style “Eastern European Immigrants (Polish as they said) are Eating our fish angling ilegally in our rivers”, all because apparently Carp is traditional in the Christmas Table in Polland and because the poor anglers “feels intimidated” by the Poles…

    Another nice piece of “fucktual” journalism by the Telegraph….

  3. lesley hunter says:

    I have always had respect for Germaine Greer as a feminist and for her guts to be outspoken.
    BUT THAT RESPECT has now changed to immense dislike. How dare she say the animal kingdom has now taken revenge on Steve Irwin because of his exploitation of animals. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but her blatent comments and obvious sarcasm to “Bindi” shows the world her bitter and twisted thinking. It’s wonderful she lives in England as MILLIONS of Australians DO NOT WANT HER HERE. It’s a shame I can’t find an email address so i could send this email directly, but if anyone knows it and can forward this email to her —- terrific, not that it would change her thinking. She is a poor sorrowful soul who needs pity more than blame.

  4. Greer Hater says:

    Germaine Greer is an overweight self centred bitch who luvs herself

  5. Issy says:

    Germaine Greer(Australian) must think she is better than all us other humans and animals are more intelligent. Much of the writing of this academic is rubbish and should be viewed as such. She seems to have foot in mouth disease. She makes comment on subjects she is not researched or educated to comment on. Her comments about Steve Irwin after death(is an example). They were so unempathic for his GRIVING Wife, children and family. Celebrity must have corrupted empathy or is it we have to read aging academic thought ramblings as if the rest of us intelligent humans are lower idiots.

  6. Chris Arthur says:

    An open email to Ms (I don’t publish an email address cause I’m scared of reply’s) Greer.

    Ms Greer

    My distaste for your comments shows no bounds you are truly just an excuse for a human being.

    Your insensitivity towards the family of Steve Irwin shows how far from reality you really are. As Steve would probably have said, you are lower than a snake’s belly! I have returned from the USA today, where the tragedy is on the lips of most Americans I encountered before they realised I was an Australian. They spoke so highly of this man who showed his love of wildlife through his documentaries aired throughout the world. Who the hell are you to criticise this man, whose death has shattered not only a nation, but more likely a planet.

    Steve Irwin was no doubt controversial in his approach to his work, but passionate to the bone about his respect for the animals of this world, which he shared with all who would listen. To suggest that he did not respect wildlife in general and to speak this from your own crony demented ideas, beggars’ belief. He bought knowledge of the animal world to millions of viewers who may otherwise know little or nothing, and he did it with gusto and humour.

    I truly hope that you get everything you deserve for your comments and you retreat into that fantasy world you came from and never come out. Take a pill you scum bag senseless fool and my guess is you will find that ALL Australian’s , and more likely all those who came into contact with him, shook their heads at his bravado, laughed at his wit but respected his dedication to his passion. You should be ashamed of yourself and your obvious need to attract controversy so people will remember some deadbeat old hag.

    I was interested in your comments some time ago “I’m an anarchist basically. I don’t think the future lies in constraining people into doing stuff they are not good at and don’t want to do”. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about, I guess it would be different for you, had it been a woman who did this??

    I am truly ashamed that I have to call you a fellow Australian, I always felt we were a forgiving nation of people who “had a go” or practised some diplomacy in matters like this. How dare you shame our nation like this!

    Chris Arthur
    Flinders NSW Australia

  7. Monitor says:

    That’s enough Greer/Irwin comments – Ed