No zombie/priest chases on Scuzz

The UK rock TV channel Scuzz has refused to show the video of Deicide’s “Homage For Satan” because it is too “derogatory”.

A spokesman for Scuzz declared:

The lyrical content is religiously offensive, derogatory, and can be read as improper exploitation of any susceptibilities of the audience

In fact, as you can hear for yourself, the lyrics are completely incomprehensible.

Regarding the content of the video, the spokesman added:

[…]the inclusion of a priest or religious figure in any belief system is always a very touchy subject, but the possession of one such person, and the disparaging respect for the Christian Bible is in direct conflict with Ofcom regulations

Disparaging respect?

The cheaply-produced video depicts a number of zombies, one of whom chases a Bible-carrying priest through the streets. Eventually, the black-clad sky pilot is cornered, attacked, and becomes a zombie himself.

The most offensive thing about this preposterous video is that, as any fool knows, zombies cannot run. They can only shuffle.

(Thanks to the Melon Farmers, via Dan Factor)

4 Responses to “No zombie/priest chases on Scuzz”

  1. Today’s banned video…

    United Kingdom: Alleged ‘hard rock’ music channel Scuzz TV has banned Deicide’s latest video on the grounds that it might be offensive to the superstitious. The video is a classic zombie story, in which a priest is chased by zombies, and becomes on…

  2. Marc Draco says:

    I love those zombie quotes – here’s one of my faves.

    “Bwains! More bwains!”

    So that particular zombie wouldn’t have been satisfied with a preacher then… 😉

  3. Disparaging respect? Improper exploitation of susceptibilities? Blimey. I’m not usually a grammar Nazi, but if people are going to decide what I can and can’t see, I’d prefer it if they could talk sense.

  4. Dave says:

    On the subject of Satanic Death Metal: as a teenager, I had the misfortune of attending a Catholic School. I will never forget a letter that went home one day, stating that certain students had been found listening to heavy metal music with satanic lyrics, and that listening to such music would result in severe, eternal consequences, as well as a long stint in detention. (I would do anything to find that letter again – I’d frame it and put it on my wall it was so funny!)

    Now, being into Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Metallica at the time, my friends and I thought it was unbelievably cool that there could be some form of even more rocking metal that we could listen to. Metal with satanic lyrics… we didn’t even believe it existed (we were 13 years old) but by Jebus we were gonna try and buy some!

    And buy some we did: Deicide, Burzum, Impaled Nazarene, Rotting Christ, Immortal, Darkthrone, Emperor, Cradle Of Filth, Mayhem, Samael, Marduk, Massacre, Pestilence, Vader, Morbid Angel, Havohej… ahh and so on and so on!

    So, I can thank the headmaster of a Catholic School for introducing me to death, black, doom and gothic metal. Without him, I would probably just have gone on headbanging to Iron Maiden.

    Thankfully my taste in music has improved a lot since my teens, and I now don’t listen to metal that much any more… though I have to say, it was great to hear Deicide are still going strong after all these years, though I find anything Satan-related rather more humourous than serious these days.