Stephen Green arrested

Stephen “Dog Shit” Green, national director of Christian Voice, was arrested this weekend at the Cardiff Mardi Gras.

His was charged with using “threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby, contrary to section 5(1) and (6) of the Public Order Act 1986”. What he actually did was hand out around 1,000 anti-gay leaflets (PDF download).

Green is predictably delighted:

I thank God for the honour of being locked up for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. […]

Speaking about righteousness, morality, sin, repentance and the forgiveness sinners can find in the cross of Jesus Christ may well offend the fragile sensibilities of homosexuals, but should the police have a partisan unit whose job is to round up Christian dissidents, treat them like thought criminals and trample on freedom of speech?

While it is quite amusing to see hypocrisy exposed in such a manner (this self-styled champion of free speech tried to get a musical show shut down because it offended him, wanted to sue the BBC for “blasphemy”, and reacted with glee when the Gay Police Association were investigated for an alleged “faith crime” after they suggested that religion was sometimes a contributing factor to violence against homosexuals), isn’t it about time people stopped trying to prosecute each other for “faith” or “hate” crimes when no actual crime has been committed?

Freedom of speech not only means the right to say things others don’t want to hear, but also involves hearing things you don’t like the sound of. If Stephen Green is prosecuted for his silly leaflets, or the GPA gets done for its bloody Bible ad, it will be a sorry day for freedom of expression in this country.

UPDATE: (6 Sept) Green has denied the charges and was remanded on unconditional bail until Sept 28

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  1. Stephen Green arrested…

    Wales: Stephen Green of Christian Voice has been arrested after distributing leaflets at Cardiff Mardi Gras. Naturally, after trying so hard to suppress free speech, he’s suddenly supporting it. More at MediaWatchWatch…….

  2. davblog says:

    Spread the Good News…

    Stephen Green, national director of Christian Voice and all-round godbothering nutter and offence to all decent people has been arrested……

  3. Steve says:

    “Freedom of speech not only means the right to say things others don’t want to hear, but also involves hearing things you don’t like the sound of.” unless you are a God-botherer.

    Have you learnt NOTHING running this website? Sheesh!

    It must be a sin or something to break the law like he has or does following the ‘law of God’ over-ride the laws that everyone else in the real world has to abide by?

    Next he will be calling for Honour-killings for anyone who does walk round shouting “Jesus is Lord” all day long.

  4. passerby says:

    Hate to come across as being anal, but shouldn’t Mardi Gras be on a Tuesday? Of is this yet another foriegn phrase appropiated by the English language.
    I guess calling gay parades “fat tuesday” just wouldn’t sound as cool.
    Still, its kind of amusing that old Greenie got busted. Wait, thats an understatement.

  5. Ricky Smith says:

    Imagine being the poor bastard who has to share his cell!

  6. martyn says:

    Shame it wasn’t someone with a three inch girth, that would have given old dog shit something to squeal about……perhaps like a pig even?

  7. Andrew Nixon says:

    Wouldn’t it be amusing if he gets locked up with the prison butch?

  8. Andrew Nixon says:

    Looks like martyn had the same thought as me!

  9. martyn says:

    Well at least he’d be able to preach with some knowledge of the subject afterwards

  10. Caoimhin Saile says:

    Genesis Chapter 18, we see God about to destroy the evil twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. God sends two angels to warn the one godly family of the imminent demise of these cities, only to have the locals demand that these two angels, who appeared like men, come out so they could have sex with them. Of course this didn’t please God very much. However, Lot, the father of this one so-called godly family, does an interesting thing. In chapter 19, verse 8, the Bible tells how Lot offered to give his virgin daughters to these men so that they might rape them instead. Is this how God wants us to protect ourselves from the “homosexual agenda,” by offering to let them rape our virgin daughters?

  11. Marc Draco says:

    Funny ol’ thing, freedom of speech.

    I’d have arrested him for being an asshole years ago: shame there’s no law against that.

  12. martyn says:

    they’d do well to find any virgin daughters round here where I live 🙂

  13. Laban says:

    Amazing. There are more people supporting Mr Green’s right to free speech in the Pink News comments than on this site.

  14. Andy Gilmour says:

    Arrested for handing out homophobic leaflets? Man, that’s weak. Unless, of course, they had clear incitement to violence in them – “Kill the disease-spreading homosexual minions of satan”, that sort of thing – the Bible, in other words.. 😉 – then there could be a case…?

    Otherwise it just plays into his bloody hands. Ho hum.

    His rank hypocrisy is still most impressive! But then, I suppose he is completely sincere in believing that there should be one rule for him, and everlasting torment (and no freedom of expression) for the rest of us…so what else should we expect?


  15. Andrew Nixon says:

    I don’t think any of our regular contributors here would deny that Green has the right to free speech, we’re just finding the whole hypocrisy of the situation amusing. Of course he shouldn’t have been arrested for this, the whole things a joke. But for him to use a defence that he’d deny others is just taking the piss.

  16. BSE says:

    This just goes to show the very dangerous terror-tory we are in at the moment. Even though I hate the muntard I agree that he should not have been arressted for distributing something that, at the end of the day, was sooooo b-anal and tedious. It gives a further justification for him to carry on his hate campaign… Where do we go from here? Further down this spiral of censorship and banning me thinks…!!!

  17. Tim says:

    Funny statement of delight he has there. Since when was the gospel anything to do with homosexuality? Or has someone forgotten how to distinguish texts written variously 10, 30, 100 or 400 years apart?

  18. Andy Gilmour says:

    I can exclusively reveal Stephen Green’s next project:

    Stopping the tide of filth that engulfs our nation from channel 4’s degenrate smut-peddlars on “Countdown”.

    I was watching with my 3-year old son, and Martin Jarvis (clearly a closet worshipper of satan and undoubted player of the pink oboe) used the word “Bastard” (decent 7, after all)… AND he said it more than once… AND it was on the subtitles… AND they alluded to it later in the show! I was black affronted (source: The Broons, Ooor Wullie, etc,etc).

    Why haven’t Mediawatch started a vigil outside the Leeds studios yet, eh??

    I might have to cancel my subscription… something. If I had one.



  19. Jan says:

    to contimue on from Andy’s comment, I can remember when Countdown had a pair of “wankers” (again a decent 7 and in the dictionary so it counts) – I would think our steve-o would have had an apoplectic fit (with any luck)

  20. john Bardell says:

    I think that it is disgusting that Steven Green has been arested for giving out leaflets protesting a Gay Pride parade. Are we suposed to have freedom to protest about things that we consider wrong
    to be wrong, or not. Why persecute the Christians.
    There are other faiths that protest against the gay lifestyle and they are never arrested

  21. G Alder says:

    There seems to be alot of outright mocking of the Bible in these comments. I would warn you out of genuine concern for your future to be very careful what you say, God is to be bowed before not mocked. You WILL answer to Him I hope you’re preparing you’re defense!! You’ll need it! You all seem very cosy is your ignorance of Him, you are obviously in you’re amazing all knowing wisdom stupid enough to say He doen’t exist yet you have never earnestly sought him. All around you in the way this world was created – not what we’ve made it – and the way we were created you see overwhelming evidence of Him, the master designer. Come on do you really think the Big Bang created this complexity – from nothing! Absolute rubbish. Wake up people don’t sleep on Christ ‘for no -one knows the day or the hour when He will return’ and ‘every knee shall bow before Him’.

  22. John said: “There are other faiths that protest against the gay lifestyle and they are never arrested ” – actually, Iqbal Sacranie was investigated by the police for his anti-gay comments, as noted in the post above. I do agree with the thrust of your post, that Green shouldn’t have been arrested: I doubt there were many people at a Pride parade who couldn’t shrug his silliness off, and it’ll only fuel his persecution complex anyway.

    G Alder: “You all seem very cosy is your ignorance of Him,” – I’m not ignorant of him. I know exactly who he is, I’ve read the Bible, I was raised in a Christian household. It’s not ignorance that makes me disbelieve the Bible, it’s a very carefully thought-out and considered position. Saying I’m ignorant without even knowing me is, well, ignorant. Also arrogant.

    “you are obviously in you’re amazing all knowing wisdom stupid enough to say He doen’t exist yet you have never earnestly sought him.” How do you KNOW all this? And why is it silly to disbelieve something that has no evidence to support it, but perfectly intelligent to believe in it? I would have thought it was the other way round, myself – if there’s no evidence for something existing, particularly something as big as god, then it’s probably because it doesn’t exist. Seems reasonable enough to me.

    “All around you in the way this world was created – not what we’ve made it – and the way we were created you see overwhelming evidence of Him, the master designer. Come on do you really think the Big Bang created this complexity – from nothing! Absolute rubbish.” – Ah, the old ‘personal incredulity passed off as evidence’ fallacy – so beloved of creationists, Holocaust deniers, Scientologists and anyone else trying to strongarm people into believing in something that’s self-evidently rubbish. Looking out of the window and seeing a tree, then thinking “Holy moly, look at that! Amazing to think it all happened by chance” is not actually evidence. Sorry.

    Why is it silly to think that, if something is left alone for long enough, it might change? Because that’s exactly what Big Bang theory states; left over billions upon billions of years, the debris for an explosion changed into the universe as we know it. Have you ever left some bread in a hot place, then seen it go mouldy? Is that also impossible without god?

  23. G Alder says:

    Well Graham (thanks for your reply, I love a debate) despite your worldly intelligent answer no doubt applauded by your fellow non-believers you fail to answer the real question that underpins all of this. Despite our opposing views we (all) share one thing in common, death, you will die, I will die, maybe today, maybe in 50 years time but where are you going at that time? You don’t know, I believe with all my heart that I do know, I can’t prove it in the way you would want me to but I have NOTHING TO LOSE. If you’re right then we’ll all rot in the ground and no nothing more about it, if Gods right then I and those who have a faith in Him go to eternal glory and you brother are condemned to eternity in the most unimaginably intolerable place worse than your very darkest nightmares, you know the Bible so you’ll know this. It’s a bit like rolling the dice with your life my friend, don’t gamble on it, your life’s too important to you and to God.

  24. Monitor says:

    I hear Muslim hell is pretty horrible. Quick, repeat after me: “There is one god called Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet”

  25. Andy Gilmour says:

    Why is it that fundies have no sense of punctuation (amongst other things) ?

    I have a theory – but it’s only a theory, mind, not like all that messy geology and evolution business. It runs something like this:

    1) I have a fundamental, absolute belief in something for which there is no proof.

    2) I am required by the tenets of my belief to witness this to others.

    3) If I pause at any moment while I am doing so, either:
    a) those I am witnessing to will raise rational, well-supported arguments that contradict me, thus causing me the anguish of doubt and uncertainty; or:
    b) I run the risk of starting to think for myself.

    4) Thus I re-hash circular, evidence-free reasoning, as often and as quickly as I can.

    What d’ya reckon? Has this one got legs? Or is it stuck in the oceans?


  26. Andrew Nixon says:

    G Alder uses the ancient “Pascal’s Wager” argument. Completely forgetting of course, that it’s entirely possible (although unlikely) that both atheists AND Christians are wrong.

    To paraphrase from the works of Homer (Simpson): “What if we chose the wrong religion? Every Sunday we’re just making God madder and madder!”

    And just one more thing: if, as you say, my life is important to this God, why does he have some unimagineably horrible place prepared for me? Surely that’s not the way to treat people who are important to you? It sounds like the actions of a homocidal maniac to me. Are you happy worshipping a homocidal maniac? Would you be happy living in paradise knowing that there’d be people suffering that you couldn’t help? Given that choice, I certainly wouldn’t chose paradise.

    But I don’t think I’ve got anything to worry about. Again paraphrasing, this time from the late, great, Dave Allen: “If there is a God, he’d prefer atheists, because we never ask him for anything.”

  27. Andrew Nixon says:

    And Andy Gilmour’s theory is pretty tight in my opinion. I have actually heard evidence of 3b on the radio, when some tosser from the Alpha Course was being interviewed, and after every little pause in his comments of a religous nature, the following words had the tone of “am I really saying this crap?”

  28. Terry Eden says:

    To G Alder. You are using Pascal’s Wager. That is….

    God may or may not exist – This gives me 4 possibilities.
    a) if I beleive in him and he does exist I win,
    b) if I beleive in him and he doesn’t exist I’ve lost nothing,
    c) if I don’t beleive in him and he does exist I lose,
    d) if I don’t beleive in him and he doesn’t exist I’ve lost nothing.

    So, from this, Pascal conculded (as have you) that it is better to beleive in god than not.

    However – there is a problem with this….
    1) What if you beleive in the “wrong” god. If you’ve been worshiping Thor all your life and it turns out that Zeus was the right path – you’ve lost.
    2) Given that there are a plethora of gods from which to pick your faith – you are statistically more likely to lose than win.
    3) What do you miss out on by worshiping a god when none exists.
    4) Will god know that you’re only worshiping him not because you sincerely beleive, but because it’s a calculated wager on your behalf? Will he judge you more harshly because of that?
    5) Will god (assuming his compassion) listen to your reasoned argument about non-beleif and agree that you did your best and no hard feelings, eh?

    So, overall, Pascal’s Wager is not a good measure of whether to beleive in god.

    Having said that – you and I both have the free speech to disagree with each other – something that has not been given to Stephen Green.

    Phew – I’m off for tea!

  29. G Alder says:

    It just drowned I think. Whats a ‘fundie’ Andy? Am I one? I take it you’re the one who ‘thinks outside the box’ etc who never actually answers any questions just makes humorous observations on us ‘fundies’ thinking if you ignore it and sit on the fence it’ll not effect you? Very good sir you just keep deluding yourself – then again am I deluding myself? Apparently I’ve never thought for myself, another brain washed Christian eh. Not actually true Andy, I’ve sampled the so called pleasures of the world and found them in the end to be empty and meaningless. Something my life in following Jesus Christ is not, I’ve made a choice, for me not because somebody ordered me to. Now I’ll stand by my choice renewed every day by Gods Holy Spirit, stand by your choice if you must Andy I respect your right to choice but we all must face the consequences of our decisions.

  30. G Alder says:

    Terry, With regards to Pascals wager, it is, I can assure you, NOT the reasoning I use with respect to my faith in Christ, it’s an argument I’ve used in this instance as if coming from the opposite side – from the point of no faith in its most basic terms. With regards to Zeus etc it’s a fair point in many ways, I cannot prove to you that God exists, I think there are many indicators around us, but what I have is personal experience of Gods hand in my life so for me it is not a wager. There are multitudes like me, their testimonies available in all forms of media, sane, respectable, ordinary people who’s lives have been changed for the better living in the light of Christ. Maybe I’m ignorant but I don’t see the testimonies of anywhere close to the aforementioned multitudes of lives, transformed in Zeus or Hinduism or Paganism, or seeking God with all their heart and not finding Him, please direct me to them if there are. It is not a theory it is a lived out experience in the flesh, real in every way. Thank you for this healthy free debate, something Stephen Green has not been able to do. Now, I’m off to work!

  31. Andy Gilmour says:

    I’d just like to thank G Alder for proving my none-too-serious point…not that I recall mentioning any particular individual at any point?

    All I did was posit a general question. If anyone recognises themselves in my small attempt at humour, well, that’s not my fault, now is it?

    If t’cap fits…


  32. G Alder says:

    Andy, Andrew, Terry, it’s been a blessing debating the truth with you all, we are all obviously on very opposing sides satisfied with our beliefs and staying true to them. I’ll be praying for you all that God might draw you near to Him so that you might come to the same faith I have come to know in Him. His ways are confusing at times for all our comparatively tiny minds but rest assured He is alive today and all around us, if only we’d open our eyes and see Him. While he loves all his creation and wants us to have a relationship with Him, He does not love it and cannot just let us off with it all the many times we go against His perfect will, what Father would? He has given us the choice, all the information we really actually need to know in this life. You may ask what right has He to tell us what to do but we are grains of sand on one gigantic beach, as the creator of all things, the chief gaffer no 1, the righteous judge of all he can do whatever he pleases, what does He owe us? Nothing, we were never promised anything in this world. He gives people so many chances to avoid an eternity without Him, Hell to use the favourite expression – I know He has with me – to come to Him in redemption no matter how many times you have gone against Him. Salvation is here people grab it with both hands and join the great escape.

  33. Michael Petek says:

    It seems that if you hand out leaflets telling gays to stop sodomising each other and become
    Christians, you get arrested. If you’re a Muslim and you profess that gays ought to have their
    heads sawn off, you get to share a platform with Ken Livingstone as his guest of honour.

  34. martyn says:

    There is just no point debating with people like G Alder. They suffer from a mental condition which makes them inclined to cling to and believe in invisible friends. How do you get around that? You can’t. It’s like trying to reason with my uncle who recently suffered a stroke. He now has very paranoid delusions because he has slight brain damage. People like G Alder are similarly brain damaged, which makes them prone to believing in their supernatural delusions.

    Trying to enter into a reasoned debate with these people is like listening to small children arguing down to the point of “is”, “isn’t”, “is”, “isn’t” etc.

  35. […] MediaWatchWatch has found a copy of the leaflets and notes that both the Christian Institute and the British Nationalist Party have expressed their support for Stephen Green. Posted by Paul in UK (September 9, 2006 at 9:32 pm) […]

  36. Marc Draco says:

    God is an imaginary friend for G. Alder. 😉

  37. Andy A says:

    Gee, G Alder. Ask your god to give you some punctuation lessons.

  38. lyn says:

    Weldone Steve for being obedient to God.You obviously stepped on some toes.
    Jesus was persecuted,and right now im sure Steve is rejoiceing that he is being
    persecuted for what he stands for and that is truth and Gods word.
    What people dont realise is people are accountable to God for what ever they do
    in this life.Includeing those comments and mocking from those who arent of God.
    Praying and standing in agreement with you brother Steve.
    One more thing God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.
    God bless.

  39. Andrew Nixon says:

    ooooh I’m scared.

  40. “One more thing God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.”

    Wow. Having heard this breathtakingly original argument, I have now relinquished all trace of the gayness. Faced with such superior logic, what can any of us do but fold? I fully expect the poster to call back with more incisive and innovative arguments, up to and including “It takes one to know one”, “I know you are, but what am I?” and “A stitch in time saves nine”.

  41. lyn says:

    You know when i whitness on the streets to people,i get the same ignorent response,one thing i refuse
    to do is argue with anyone,i go by what God says not mans stupidity.So unless you wish to hear more
    about God and what He stands for then,i wish you well,and may God bless you.

  42. Andrew Nixon says:

    hmmm what does this God character stand for? From what I remember from the Bible, this God bloke stands for killing the first born children of an entire country (including, one assumes, babies) just because the ruling elite pissed him off. Sounds like a great bloke!

    And it is amazing that lyn can call someone ignorant whilst at the same time being completely ignorant of basic spelling, grammar and punctuation skills. And for someone who believes that they are being watched over by a big invisible bloke who lives in the sky to call someone else ignorant is laughable really.

    And no, God didn’t create Adam and Steve. He didn’t create Adam and Eve either, as Adam, Eve, Noah, Moses, Jesus, God, etc are all characters in a fictional story book.

  43. lyn says:

    interesting andrew,in one sentence you mention God,then in another sentence you say he is fictional,
    do you have trouble making your mind up?or is it you are just confused.As far as spelling and grammer
    matter,seems like you were able to read it an understand,i dont claim to be perfect,just saved.
    God is real wether you believe it or not doesnt change the fact,God loves you wether you like it or
    Besides i would rather live believeing there is a God and die to find out there is,than live as though
    there isnt one to find out when i die there is one.
    Your choice.

  44. Andrew Nixon says:

    What is the problem with me mentioning God and then saying he is fictional? Please explain this to me.

    I take my choice. Besides, considering that the God depicted in the Bible is an incredibly cruel and just plain evil individual, if I have the choice, I’d rather not have anything to do with him. If you were to ask me to chose between eternity with God, and eternity in hell, it would be no different than asking me to chose between eternity with Hitler and eternity in Auschwitz.

    Not that I’ve anything to worry about, Christianity being a load of old bollocks and all.

  45. Andrew Nixon says:

    By the way lyn, is there any particular reason why you think someone who the Bible depicts murdering innocent children is someone you want to love you?

  46. martyn says:

    lyn love, what happened in your upbringing to make you this way? Did you have it drummed into you by a school or parents, did they keep saying you’d suffer eternal torment in hell if you didn’t believe in the tooth fairy, sorry wrong imaginary friend I meant god ? Some traumatic event in your formative years perhaps? Maybe your just a little susceptible to temporal lobe bipolar disorder, do you ever hear voices in your head?, any visions? do you ever see jesus or mary on your toast? You see, one day soon people will come to realise that people like you, who like to believe in imaginary friends, are suffering from a form of schizophrenia. If you substitute your friend god for say, the man who lives in the tree, and give him the same attributes that your imaginary friend god has, I think you’d find you’d be on medication now.

    I can only keep you in my thoughts and hope you recover enough to lead a normal productive life.

  47. Andy Gilmour says:

    I can’t believe this – yet more evidence for my “fundy-theory” up in comment no.25.

    Many thanks to Lyn for the breathtaking absence of reasoned argument, etc.



  48. martyn says:

    Ironic how there’s never much fun around fundies!

  49. Marc Draco says:

    You gotta wonder about the mental state of someone who actually believes in the god of the bible, yet doesn’t believe in any other gods. They are all basically the same.

    “God created Adam and Eve”

    Says who? The Bible? No – that was written by men – there’s no evidence that any mythical being had any hand in it…. Heellllloooooo!

    Hey, even the Catholic church don’t seem to think that story fits terribly well…

    There’s a lot of apocrypha about what god (i.e. the Christian one) has said, but not one single, solitary piece of testable evidence that it’s ever made a single appearance anywhere. Much the same can be said for tree gods, mountain gods, anything gods – none of them appear or do anything: EVER.

    A volcano errupts and the primitive people say “We’ve angered the mountain god” or some such. Foolish people wonder why a god let it happen. Learned people know it’s a feature of the Earth geology.

    Quite where Lyn fits into this intrigues me.

    God is a simple answer – that doesn’t make it the right one.

  50. lyn says:

    Well God bless you guys,thankyou so much for adding to my comments,its ok if
    you dont believe in God,your choice at the end of the day.Martyn and for
    anyone elses comments about me having God drummed into my mind growing up,my
    parents dont believe in God either.Alot of people dont believe in God because
    they dont see Him.
    It is interesting how you guys keep coming back and forth to see if i or any other
    christian has commented in here,its just so amuseing that you have nothing
    better to do than bash someones faith.I personally think that you guys want to
    know about God,thats why you keep bugging me tee hee.Will be praying for you
    guys.God bless..