Day of anger

The apology from the former-Nazi pontiff has failed to quell the rage of several Muslim groups. Anjem Choudary, of the banned Al Ghurabaa, has called for the death penalty for the Pope:

The Muslims take their religion very seriously and non-Muslims must appreciate that and that must also understand that there may be serious consequences if you insult Islam and the prophet.

The boy Choudary really does take himself very seriously, doesn’t he?

Meanwhile, friend of Livingstone and influential Qatari scholar Yusuf “Throw gays from clifftops” al-Qaradawi has called for a day of anger, saying that the Pope had not really apologised. That’s on Friday. He also called for the offending remarks to be censored from the original lecture.

Hilariously, in his latest statement the faux-pas-prone Papa seems to have angered a few Jews as well! We expect there will be riots, burning effigies and fire-bombings from angry young Jewish men very soon.

Oh wait. No we don’t.

10 Responses to “Day of anger”

  1. martyn says:

    I’m beginning to think it’s beards that are the problem

  2. […] MediaWatchWatch also notes that the Pope has also annoyed a few Jews as well by quoting from St Paul, the anti-semitic founder of Christianity: “We preach the crucified Christ – a scandal for the Jews, a folly for the pagans”. Jewish representatives yesterday expressed surprise at the latest incursion into sensitive territory. […]

  3. […]So now, in his apology, he’s managed to offend the Jews as well, who are planning to respond with a hard-hitting series of humorous essays in The New Yorker[…]

  4. Andy Gilmour says:

    Beards??? Noooo….there’s nowt wrong with a bit of facial growth – in my case the alternative is a mass of shaving rash.

    Secular beardies unite – take back the beard! More Jethro Tull! etc,etc


  5. Ricky Smith says:

    Poor bloke’s got a big knob sticking out of his head. No wonder he’s cross.

  6. martyn says:

    Ahh Andy the perfect candidate to go undercover if needed;)

  7. Marc Draco says:

    That’s a real cock and balls story, Rick [5]

  8. Steve says:

    Yes, I know we are thinking it but I just love repeating it: Islam AND America have one thing in common: they do not now what irony means…lets call for the Popes head for saying Islam has brought nothing to the world but evil and violence…peace be with you. there’s a peice of you over there and over there and over there…oh and there’s a smaller piece of me there, there, there and there because I;ve just blown myself up in the name of peace.

    Billy Connelly move over let the true comedians take the stage.

  9. Steve says:

    And one more thing: the comment: *Meanwhile, friend of Livingstone and influential Qatari scholar Yusuf “Throw gays from clifftops”* I have a few gay friends who go base jumping and they would have no problem with a few Muslims throwing them off a cliff as long as they joined them.

  10. martyn says:

    The angry loon with the thing sticking out of his head, he makes me laugh everytime I see him 🙂