Motoons on the telly

Norwegian TV channel TV2 will tonight air a documentary about the Motoon crisis. Entitled “Threatened To Silence”, the documentary wouldn’t make much sense if it didn’t actually show the 12 cartoons about which a large number of Muslims were encouraged to throw a collective hissy fit – so it will.

The journalist behind the doc, Per Christian Magnus, says:

I believe this is a very important act in the fight for freedom of speech. I can personally vouch for the finished product, and I guarantee that only journalistic considerations has been taken into account when considering what’s going to be shown and what’s not.

Score a point for journalistic integrity. Let’s just hope those naughty imams have learnt their lesson.

(Hat tip News From Norway)

One Response to “Motoons on the telly”

  1. Marc Draco says:

    Ooooo. I wonder when the BBC will show that one?