Here we go again

Last Friday Danish TV showed amateur video footage of an impromptu Motoon competition held by the youth wing of Denmark’s anti-immigration Danish People’s Party at their August summer camp.

Images included Mo as a camel with beer cans for humps taking a dump, and a Mo + bomb = nuclear explosion equation. Not exactly the funniest cartoons you’ve seen, but young right wing Danes will be young right wing Danes. The video was filmed by the anti-racist artists’ group Defending Denmark. It was intended as an exposé of the DPP.

Predictably, groups such as the Organisation of the Islamic Conference and the Muslim Brotherhood have leapt at the chance to take offence:

The OIC spokesman deplores the act of caricaturing Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)… by the youth members of the Danish People’s Party and the same being shown regrettably on state TV. The footage affected the sensibilities of civilized people and the religious beliefs of one fifth of humanity.

The Muslim Brotherhood has condemned the “Danish insults” and called for another boycott, a Lebanese Muslim cleric warned about “negative responses due to inflamed emotions”, and President Ahmadinejad said:

If someone enjoys an iota of humanity and wisdom then he will not insult and offend the shining holy presence of Muhammad.

The Danish consulate has warned Danes not to travel to Israel and the West Bank, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey.

You can see what’s got them all fired up here, here, here, and here (this last one shows them singing a song about Mohammed – and Danish speakers willing to translate for us?).

The Guardian reports on it here.

UPDATE: (11 Oct) Members of the Iranian parliament have called for the president to take action:

Since disrespecting the prophet of Islam is not tolerable under any conditions, we call for cutting economic relations with Denmark

Oh, and two of those teenagers in the videos are now in hiding.

2 Responses to “Here we go again”

  1. Tiger Dunc says:

    Surely anyone who enjoys an iota of wisdom or humanity would realise what an utterly ludicrous amount of hogwash it all is anyway?

  2. Oh, for fuck’s sake. So, that’s Middle Eastern clerics and governments up in arms about a broadcast which was intended to be on their side. It really is beyond parody – which is good for them, as it means no-one will be able to draw a terrifying faith-endangering cartoon about the situation.