Man held over philosopher death threats

A 25-year-old call centre worker has been arrested in Orleans, accused of sending “aggravated threats” via email to Robert Redeker.

Redeker, a philosopher and school teacher, had written an article in Le Figaro in which he described Islam as “a religion which … exalts violence and hate”. A few bright sparks of the Islamist persuasion thought it would be a good idea to prove his point for him, so Redeker is now in hiding.

Anti-terrorism investigators found no evidence that the accused threatener had any links to terrorist organisations. He acted alone out of “hatred” for the author.

2 Responses to “Man held over philosopher death threats”

  1. Nick says:

    Right, on the whole Islam does not induce hate, in fact duing the crusades it was a lot more tolerant than christianity. Sharia law was writen by man and is not part of the koran and thatIS a bit offish (I’m not into stoneing, but my father was a freemason), the bible on, the other hand, goes on about an eye for an eye and about 500 pages on it’s then on about turning the other cheek.
    It’s all bollocks, if people want to believe in the supernatural then fine, just don’t go round killing people that don’t give a toss…..rant over.

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