Motoon imam quits Denmark

Raed Hlayhel, one of the Danish imams who toured the Middle East stirring up trouble over the Jyllands-Posten Motoons, has vowed to quit Denmark forever. His decision was prompted by the refusal of a Danish court to prosecute the editor and culture editor of that newspaper.

I have always said that if the Danish courts do not punish the newspaper Jyllands-Posten. I will leave this country. And I will never come back.


At the time of the crisis, Hlayhel said:

This type of democracy is worthless for Muslims […] Muslims will never accept this kind of humiliation. The article has insulted every Muslim in the world. We demand an apology

(Via the somewhat demented but occasionally useful Brussels Journal)

9 Responses to “Motoon imam quits Denmark”

  1. Nick says:

    yep, Jim Davidson said he’d do that if this country voted in a Labour government in 1997 (my main reason for voting Labour) but the cunts still here.

  2. Bruce Breece says:

    Muslims are not worthy of a democratic state until they can accept blasphemers and the scientific method. The imam and his sheep as well as every fundamentalist neanderthal must learn to tolerate atheists and reality. Long live free thinking.

  3. aharon says:

    His action, leaving Denmark, actually smacks a bit of some honesty. If one can not respect the rules of the place they live in – maybe s/he has to find a place they can.
    Personally, I did it as soon as I could and chose to live in britain. I do not *agree* with everything that goes in this country – but I can accept the rules of the game and participate in its processes.

    I hope he could find his place in this world. By the sound of it, this just might be pakistan’s north west frontier province –

  4. aharon says:

    Long live free thinking indeed! (..which is slightly different to atheist in meaning..)
    However, why be so harsh about the neanderthals? They might not have been too bad a beings.. Indeed, it might be that the only reason they aren’t around is that we killed them.. Plausibly, in the name of one religion or another..
    (..but that’s a hefty guess work..)

  5. You might be onto something there, aharon. Scientists now think Neanderthals didn’t have voice boxes capable of carrying out any real level of communication, so they would have to ‘talk’ to each other through gestures and drawings. And maybe, just maybe, one of those drawings was a blasphemous cartoon of the prophet Ugg, and the rest is history.

  6. Tiger Dunc says:

    Democracy is only any good if it does what I want! If someone elses opinions or rights to freedom of expression are respected, and I don’t agree, then I’m going to stamp my feet and and hold my breath until I’m blue.

  7. aharon says:

    Well, Tiger Dunc, this – might interest you.. Deliberative Democracy or Agonistic Pluralism.. (Agonistic Pluralism – a theory for feet stamping without your breath for too long..)

  8. Tiger Dunc says:

    Thanks Aharon. Something for the weekend I think. At first I thought I had been holding my breath for too long, but then I realised that I was reading German.

  9. Sam says:

    Actually Nick, Jim Davidson lives in Dubai nowadays.