TWAC – pro-Xmas forces score victory over secularist BBC

The BBC is to drop an “offensive” song from its Christmas TV trailer after church leaders complained the music was Satanic. UPDATE – see it on YouTube. (Thanks, Nick)

The song, Spinal Tap’s spoof “Christmas With the Devil”, accompanies the 30-second clip which focuses on the baddies in upcoming BBC dramas. Here are the lyrics:

The elves are dressed in leather
And the angels are in chains
(Christmas with the Devil)
The sugar plums are rancid
And the stockings are in flames
(Christmas with the Devil)
There’s a demon in my belly
And a gremlin in my brain
There’s someone up the chimney hole
And Satan is his name
The rats ate all the presents
And the reindeer ran away
(Christmas with the Devil)
There’ll be no Father Christmas
‘Cause it’s Evils holiday
(Christmas with the Devil)
No bells in Hell
No snow below-
Silent Night, Violent Night
So come all ye unfaithful
Don’t be left out in the cold
You don’t need no invitation, no…
Your ticket is your soul

According to a BBC spokesman, this was “meant to be fun”. But war isn’t fun, and Canon Peter Howell-Jones takes the War Against Christmas very seriously:

It’s in very bad taste. I’ve enough to do without having to defend God from things like this.


UPDATE: The Canon claims he was misquoted. While he maintains the song was “not the best choice of song for a Christmas link”, it is not something he is getting “all hot and bothered over”. Looks like The Sun is stoking the yuletide fire on this one.

10 Responses to “TWAC – pro-Xmas forces score victory over secularist BBC”

  1. Yes, because obviously ‘God’ needs to be defended by some self-important, humourless little busy-body. How could an all powerful, all knowing entity possibly defend itself from such a brutal attack? Berk.

  2. Andy A says:

    Once again, it’s church ‘leaders’ who control the Beeb.

  3. Joe says:

    Surely we can rustle up some Satanists who can be offended by the dropping of this song. If we get more than two the BBC will have to listen to this persecuted minority.

  4. Nick says:

    I’m up for it Joe, I’ve got my mock cloven hooves and some deer antlers, all I’ve got to do now is find a virgin, but I live in Luton so it could be a bit tricky..

  5. Tiger Dunc says:

    Well your name is Nick, so you have a good start at the satanist lark. Is satanism a recognised religion now? Wasn’t there a sailor in the RN who won the right to be a practising satanist a while back? Was he making a point or is he just as deluded as anyone else? Has he beenmysteriously promoted through ranks as those in his way meet with mysterious and violent deaths?

  6. Nick says:

    Well, you can still see the whole trailer on YouTube, but don’t blame me if you turn into Satanists as a result.

  7. Andy Gilmour says:

    As a deeply committed fan of “The Tap”, I find the removal of their christmas-themed epic most offensive.


    Maybe I’ll have to start a new organisation,


    to keep an eye out for rampant irrationalists disrespecting the true gods of ROCK!!


  8. Nick says:

    Well Tiger, you say that I have have a head start being called Nick, But it is just a name that I use on the net, my actual name is

    Bielzibub, Lord of the Flies, Bringer of Death and Distuction, The Cursed One.

    But that seems to be a bit off puting and I get ignored at social gatherings anyway Nick is a lot easier to type.

  9. andy gilmour says:

    i think the Scum made up the bbc ‘quote’, since “xmas with t’devil” was still blasting out on the beeb this morning.

    not really surprised.

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