TWAC USA – Black Christmas

A remake of a 1974 horror film, Black Christmas, is creating a stir among pro-Christmas forces in the USA. The hero of this “stalk and slash” thriller is an eye-gouging psycho who terrorises a gaggle of sorority girls.

Jennifer Giroux, the co-founder of Operation Just Say Merry Christmas, is similarly terrorised by the evil this film represents:

The use of religious music ‘Silent Night’ and the nativity set on the front porch in one scene are insensitive to Christians. It’s not enough to ignore and omit Christmas, but now it has to be offended, insulted and desecrated. Our most sacred holiday, actually a holy day, is being assaulted.

It is, apparently, a very bad film. But at least it’s annoying Jennifer.

8 Responses to “TWAC USA – Black Christmas”

  1. Tiger Dunc says:

    Let’s remake The Exorcist and really upset her. Did pagans throw their teddies when the Whicker Man was remade recently? Shurely we should be told.

  2. Ian Symes says:

    Colin Baker hates this film too.

  3. Chris Hughes says:

    So… the maniacal stalking and attacking of girl students is OK, but it’s the Christmas music and Nativity display that upset this woman?

    What page are we on, again?

  4. Jono says:

    She says ‘Our most sacred holiday’, when any fool knows that the most sacred Christian holiday is Easter.

  5. Nick says:

    Although the film is a bit crapy, I can see Jennies point. Last Easter I watched “The Greatest Story Ever Told” all that whiping and sticking nails in people, I nearly threw up my Cream Eggs. Vile.

  6. Stuart says:

    Christmas is “ignored”? On what planet?

    Or is this the can’t-always-have-our-own-way-and-control-everyone-else definition of ignore /omit /offend?

  7. Ian, you can’t possibly let a cryptic reference to a former Doctor Who go without explanation. Well, not while I’m around, anyway.

  8. Marc says:

    @1: I didn’t throw my teddy out of the pram. I just threw my copy of “Gone in 60 Seconds” on the fire instead. Damn I like Jolie in that film.

    Anyway, since when did Christian festivals actually class as holidays? I always thought that a modern holiday season was a secular thing.