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The trial of a Motoons protestor is underway at the Old Bailey. Umran Javed, 27, of Birmingham, who took part in the protests on 3 Feb last year, has been accused of soliciting murder and stirring up racial hatred.

The QC told the court,

The words used were straight-forward and plain. If you shout out ‘bomb, bomb Denmark; bomb, bomb USA’, there is no doubt about what you intend your audience to understand.

The prosecution case is that the defendant was clearly encouraging people to commit murder – terrorist killing.

Javed was enraged because some people had drawn cartoons of a 7th century character called Mohammed, who some believe was a “prophet” (a person who communicates with “God” (a supernatural being believed by some to have created the universe)).

UPDATE: The Times carries a transcription of Umran Javed’s speech:

My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, we need to understand why we are here today. To declare that we will not stand for what Denmark did . . . We will not stand for what France, for what Europe, for what the whole of the disbelievers and the Western world are united for.

You have declared war against Allah and his Messenger. You have declared war against the Muslim community, for which you will pay a heavy price. Take lesson of Theo van Gogh. Take lesson of the Jews of Khaybar. Take lessons for what you can see, for you will pay with your blood. Denmark, you will pay. Denmark, you will pay, you will pay. With your blood, with your blood, with your blood. Bomb, bomb Denmark. Jihad is the path of God.

Democracy, hypocrisy. Democracy go to hell. Denmark go to hell. Freedom go to hell. Bomb, bomb Denmark. Denmark watch your back. Zarqawi is coming back. Bomb, bomb USA. Bomb, bomb Denmark.

UPDATE: (6.1.07) He was convicted, and remanded for sentencing in April.

2 Responses to “Motoon protest latest”

  1. Andrew Nixon says:

    Well he’s been found guilty, sentence to be given in April after other cases have been heard.

  2. Marc says:

    Once again, the story reported by most media includes “The Prophet Mohammed” – not the “Mulsim prophet” or just “Mohammed” or the Islamic prophet… etc. For fuck’s sake, when are the fucking media going to stop kow-towing to minority groups in this way. Whoever the fuck Mohammed (not his real name) was, he didn’t prophesy anything that I have seen and he ain’t my prophet.