Failed blasphemy case

Stephen Green is possibly still smarting from Horseferry Magistrate Courts’s decision to reject his blasphemy case against the BBC, because he has yet to comment publicly on the matter. He had been collecting funds and preparing the case for two years, so to have it dismissed as unworthy of consideration must hurt. Even the dismissal wasn’t deemed newsworthy by the mainstream media. The 21st century is a cold hard place for a primitive such as Stephen.

However, a recent press release dealing with the Diana inquest can be read as a comment on the outcome. It is bizarre that he thinks Lady Butler-Sloss’s decision not to use a jury is a relevant subject for CV, until you realise it is simply a vehicle for Green to express his outrage at the judicial system.

To say that a jury cannot come to a careful and fully reasoned decision betrays the contempt for the lower orders which has sadly become a characteristic of the Establishment under the present Prime Minister.

A jury cannot come to a reasoned decision, she says, but of course a judge can, in particular a judge like Lady Butler-Sloss. Don’t trust the people, trust the judges, or the minister, or the man in Whitehall. In just a few words, she has put on display all that is pompous, self-serving, proud and vain in those who purport to rule us.

Pompous, self-serving, proud and vain? Who can Mr Green, the self-styled Voice of All Christians who has compared himself to John the Baptist, be talking about?

Green’s attitude to the law is strangely inconsistent. In his prematurely triumphalist press release on the blasphemy case, he says:

No-one, be they ever so influential or wealthy, can be above the law.

Yet in his comment about the Sexual Orientation Regulations:

They think we shall back down. But for Christians, it’s a case of “Can’t pay, won’t pay.” In other words it’s not that we are merely refusing to go along with the Governments’ wickedness. It is that we cannot do it in all conscience. For us to offer our services to those who are carrying on against nature as the children of disobedience would be to deny our faith. We can not and will not do that. […]

Christian Voice will support any believer or church caught by these anti-Christian regulations. Let us know if you face any problems because of them.

Still got a few ideological contradictions to iron out there, Stevie. Keep at it old boy. At least you haven’t got a drawn-out court battle to distract you from your cogitations.

5 Responses to “Failed blasphemy case”

  1. Colin says:

    Here is a quote from the CV website, press release dated 8 Jan 07 on the subject:
    “The holiness of God’s name is at the root of this case. There is a long way to go yet, but the first step was taken today.”

    Now, that is funny!

  2. Stuart says:

    Will the right-wing papers or their columnists go into their favoured “at last, a victory for common sense!” mode over this? No, I don’t think so either 🙂

    On the downside, I suppose Green will up his ante in campaigns against homosexuals like never before (while finding calculated ways to play the victim of course) now that he can no longer crap out attention-seeking press releases about his other bete noir.

  3. Has anyone considered the possibility that Stephen Green might be the hilarious new comedy character from Golden Globe-winner Sacha Baron-Cohen?

  4. Andrew Nixon says:

    I must confess Graham, I’ve often wondered if Green is some sort of satire… surely no one really thinks like that? Do they?

  5. martyn says:

    If this god chap they keep banging on about is so all powerful, why don’t dog shit and his ilk just let him/her/it deal with it?