Madonna off the hook in Holland

Madonna will not be prosecuted for “blasphemy” in Holland, much to the disappointment of the Protestant SGP party. Complaints were prompted by her crucifixion scene part of her “Confessions ON A Dancefloor” world tour.

Unfortunately, she seems to have been let off for the wrong reasons. A spokesman for the prosecutors office announced:

The pop singer Madonna will not be prosecuted for blasphemy and insulting faith.

The prosecutor’s office believes that through her show, the singer on all the evidence tried to express her frustrations about certain situations in the world, it is not a question of contempt for God.

Furthermore, Madonna did not discredit Christians as a group.

Showing “contempt for God” and “discrediting Christians” is apparently still an offence in the Netherlands.

2 Responses to “Madonna off the hook in Holland”

  1. Bernard says:

    It seems absurd that a country as progressive and permissive as Netherlands would even consider trying to prosecute an artist for expressing herself.

  2. passerby says:

    Its a classic case of Dutch style pragmatism and comprimise. Since the 50s alreay, though blaspemy laws exist, they never get prosecuted beyond a certain point, Pretty much as far as this case went. Apparently it keeps most people happy.
    Removal of the law is unlikely as long as CDA needs as many votes as it can get.
    Kind of like soft drugs, not strictly legal, but don’t expect to get prosecuted for having a bag of pot on you, cops have better things to do, like driving on the moterways in porsches looking for speeders.