CV blasphemy case – detailed review

The fundamentalist group Stephen Green’s Voice (aka Christian Voice) has released details of the district judge’s refusal to proceed with the blasphemy case against the BBC. Basically, she said JS: TO was protected by the Theatres Act of 1968, and that previous decisions by the High Court and the BBC Governors’ Programming Complaints Commission meant that the case against it was not “credible”.

Green has instructed his solicitor to refer the decision to the High Court (where the application will be rejected once again), and will issue a statement shortly, probably saying something about “God’s” “judgement” on our nation.

4 Responses to “CV blasphemy case – detailed review”

  1. Joe says:

    From that link – “(1) District Judge Tubbs held that blasphemous liable is an offence known to law.” I’m willing to bet he said no such thing, because there is no such offence in law as “blasphemous liable” . It’s “blasphemous libel”, and that Green’s crew can make such a childish error in their own press release speaks volumes for the quality of their case, their arguments and, I think we are entitled to infer, their legal advice on the matter.

  2. Marc says:

    Maybe Green’s god is trying to tell him something. Clearly the “saintly” Steve isn’t paying attention. 😉

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