Synod to debate pornography

This March the Church of England general synod will debate whether or not they should recommend more interference with the rights of adults to choose what they watch in cinemas or their own homes. The background paper submitted in advance to members makes its point with a characteristic mixture of cliché and misplaced metaphor:

The boundaries are continually being pushed back. If you continue to walk closer and closer to the edge of the cliff you must eventually either stop or fall off. Those pushing the boundaries in the media show no sign of doing either.

This is reminiscent of Bishop Sentamu’s claim last year that removing Christ from Christmas was tantamount to “literally throwing the baby out with the bathwater” – a statement which had the distinction of being untrue both “literally” and metaphorically.

6 Responses to “Synod to debate pornography”

  1. Shaun Hollingworth says:

    I am sick to death of religious people trying to dictate what I might be free to watch IN MY OWN HOME. They should prove their case, for the complete mumbo jumbo they believe in first. As far as I am concerned it might as well be the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny who is wanting to censor me.

  2. Nick says:

    This is just stupid. Warn people about the contents, fine. Tell me that they can watch it (as they must do to come to a judgement) and I can’t, fuck off.

  3. Tiger Dunc says:

    I wish they would fall off the edge of a bleedin’ cliff. Or at least stand close enough to be given a good shove.

  4. tom p says:

    gah! I”m sure there’s a good joke about bashing bishops here, but I just can’t think of one

  5. passerby says:

    The best part is that in British Democracy, there is a non-electable government body which has 18 (?) or so ‘spiritual lords’, each and every one of whom is has a senior position in the church of England. So much for secular democracy.

  6. I hope that, after this, they get round to debating some more up-to-the-minute stuff, like how to deal with the Cuban Missile Crisis, whether the Gold Rush encourages idolotary and “The Wheel – Will It Destroy Us All In The End?”