Sarkozy speaks up for Charlie

The French presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has spoken up in support of Charlie Hebdo’s right to free speech.

Sarkozy, the frequent butt of Charlie Hebdo’s caricatures, said in a letter read out by the newspaper’s lawyer that he preferred “too many caricatures to an absence of caricature”.

Predictably, a representative of the French Council of the Muslim Faith branded Sarkozy’s contribution to the debate “unacceptable”.

It’s out of the question for a minister for religious affairs to take such a position. There’s no neutrality.

Since when was “neutrality” a requirement of government office?

Charlie Hebdo’s publications director Philippe Val opened the defence by saying the Mohammed caricatures were aimed at ideas not men, and

If we no longer have the right to laugh at terrorists, what arms are citizens left with? How is making fun of those who commit terrorist acts throwing oil on the fire?

UPDATE: (8/02/07) The French daily newspaper Libération republished the cartoons yesterday, to illustrate what this court case is about. And, in reaction to Sarkozy’s remarks, some members of the French Council of the Muslim Faith have threatened to resign.

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  1. If a minister for religious affairs can’t talk about religion, what exactly does his job entail?

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