Dons divided

There appears to be some division among Cambridge dons about what to do about the guest editor of Clareification who published the satirical edition of the paper which included one of the Danish Motoons. The picture caption suggested Mohammed was a “violent paedophile”. Some are condemning the anonymous student, while others, such as the admirable philosophy lecturer Arif Ahmed, are sticking up for him.

This is his letter to The Cambridge Student, published on Feb 22:

Dear Madam

The fact that mocking somebody’s beliefs is liable to cause him offence is no reason to refrain from it if the beliefs in questions are nothing but a tissue of superstition and prejudice. But that is exactly what Islam is. I do not know the guest editor of Clareification. But I hope that he and other Cambridge students are aware that some senior members of this University (including me) regard the satirizing of religion as commendable, indeed in the present atmosphere I think it is practically obligatory. He has done nothing wrong, and I am ashamed of those of my colleagues who have chosen to condemn his actions.

Best wishes,
Arif Ahmed
(Fellow of Girton and Lecturer in Philosophy)

Give that don a cigar.

(Hat tip David T at Harry’s Place)

3 Responses to “Dons divided”

  1. Marc says:

    A cigar? Give that man a seat in the Lords!

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  3. Sam says:

    Clare rejected me, but I got accepted by Girton, glad to see there are people with a better grip on reality than in Clare.