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The BBC reports that yet another Motoons protestor has gone on trial at the Old Bailey. 24-year-old Abdul Muhid is accused of leading last February’s demo outside the Danish embassy, and of encouraging people to commit “terrorist killing”. Like the other three, who were all convicted, Muhid is pleading “not guilty”.

It is unlikely he will be met with the same leniency afforded to Haji Yaqoob Qureshi, the Muslim cleric and minister of Uttar Pradesh who offered 1.5m rupees and a car to anyone who beheaded “the cartoonist” who drew the Motoons. He received a “clean chit” on Monday, when a court ruled that his threat did not violate “the principles of collective responsibility of the cabinet” because it was an “individual assertion”. So that’s okay, then.

(Hat tip, The Comics Reporter)

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