Hate speech and holy books

Christopher Hitchens debating at the University of Toronto, opposing a proposed amendment to criminalise “hate speech”:

I have to notice that the sort of people who ring me up and say that they know where my children go to school – and they certainly know what my home number is and where I live – and what they’re going to do to them and to my wife and to me, and who I have to take seriously because they have done it to people I know, are just the people who are going to seek the protection of the hate speech law if I say what I think about their religion. Which I am now going to do…

Watch the whole speech at One Good Move.

One Response to “Hate speech and holy books”

  1. G. Tingey says:

    If hate-speech is going to be banned, can we ban any public reading of the “koran”?

    And if not, why not?

    and …