Cambridge student says sorry

The Cambridge Evening News reports that the student editor responsible for the Crucification magazine has apologised publically.

The still-unnamed student said:

I understand that this edition has caused deep offence and hurt to very many people, both inside and outside Clare, through its derogatory references to individuals and also to various groups, including women, Jews, Christians and Muslims.

A spokesman for the college revealed that both the general editor and guest editor were formally reprimanded by the Dean of Students.

Azim Mumtaz, the president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in Cambridge, is pleased:

Religion teaches us that God is merciful and forgives, and we should forgive others as well, so long as this student realised the impact of their actions and that this was wrong.

This is what Mumtaz regards as wrong:

clareification questionaire

clareification motoon

(Hat tip Harry’s Place
UPDATE (19 April) David T at Harry’s Place reports that students at Clare college are understandable baffled by the apology, given its wide-ranging nature. From a note:

No-one at Clare has the first clue what was supposed to have offended Jews in that edition of Clareification. You may recall that the Master had claimed that gays were also one of the offended parties. Again, we’re not quite sure how (or at what point they stopped being offended).

It looks as if the College wants Muslims to appear to be one of many groups who were caused offence, so as not to single out that one group.

(Though I doubt that they sent the student into hiding for fear of spontaneously exploding homosexuals

6 Responses to “Cambridge student says sorry”

  1. Mark Hudson says:

    Oh bugger. Now that’s just really disappointing. Oh well, let’s all just fucking roll over and let the storm of the coming theocracy fuck our belly buttons with their righteous swords.


    Anyway, that quiz was bull-leading hilarious.

  2. Frezno Bob says:

    From the CEN article…

    The college is now arranging a meeting for next term to discuss the problem of maintaining free speech while avoiding offence.

    …is that at the same meeting that the head of the Maths Department intends to square a circle?

    I can’t begin to express how depressing it is to see this kind of shite emanating from what is supposed to be a leading academic institution.

  3. Alfster says:

    I am sure if it is God’s will the circle will be squared. And the lion shall lyeth with the lamb and these religious hypocrites will be struck with reason and sanity…who I am I kidding.

  4. Bartholomew says:

    I wonder if the student also said that he seduced Party members of both sexes and deliberately contracted syphilis in order to spread the disease.

    Of course, offering lavish apologies can also be used to suggest that you are taking the piss – recall Robert DeNiro in “The Mission”.

  5. Sam says:

    That is fucking hilarious, more please

  6. G. Tingey says:

    Let’s suppose a non-muslim stated:
    “Women are inferior to men and are (always) subject to their orders”
    And then try to defend that statement (which is, of course, from the “recital” )…..

    “All religions are based on a combination of moral and physical blackmail, and are despicable, especially in their treatment of women.
    This definitely applies to islam.”

    By arguing from the general to the particular, it would be VERY difficult to invoke a racial-haterd clause.
    Also, all one has to do is read out the requisite hatred and killing clauses/verses from the appropriate “holy book”.

    Isn’t this what a BNP member did, which forced an acquittal?

    When, if ever, will they wake up?