NZ Christ-crunchers sue South Park

bloody mary
The South Park Bloody Mary episode continues to get cassocks in a twist around the world, the latest victims being Bishops in New Zealand who have brought their case to the High Court.

They had previously complained to the Broadcasting Standards Authority, but the complaint was thrown out.

Bloody Mary features a statue of the Blessed Virgin miraculously “bleeding from her ass” and inspiring pilgrimages from around the world. Pope Benedict makes an appearance to declares that the statue is actually bleeding from its vagina, and is therefore not a miracle because “chicks bleed out of their vaginas all the time”.

10 Responses to “NZ Christ-crunchers sue South Park”

  1. sargeist says:

    Just when I was thinking that South Park had lost its edge, it goes and comes up with pure blasphemic Genius again.

  2. Chris says:

    What I find really amusing is that Issac ‘Total Hypocrite’ Hayes was quite alright to appear in that episode then got all arsey when they took the piss out of his science fiction cult.

  3. Marc says:

    Chris: That’s what took them so long to critique Scientology – they were afraid of pissing Hayes off. Which of course they eventually did – with predicatable results. I don’t understand why scientology is called a cult though: any more than Christianity or Islam.

  4. Stuart says:

    Marc: I don’t understand why scientology is called a cult though: any more than Christianity or Islam.
    Perhaps because in our society “cult” has been defined for most purposes by christians or people with christian leanings, who didn’t dare call islam a cult because muslims have shown in the past that they can and will bite back.

  5. Marc says:

    All religions are cults in some people’s eyes: mine for instance. Scientology is nuts, of course, but we can examine it in detail because it’s so new. Islam and Christianity have been around (and acceptable) for at least a millenia. 1000 years from now, who knows if people will have faith: if they do, I fully expect that Scientology will be one of the acceptable ones though just because it survived.

    Muslims and Scientologists have treated people (ex-believers in particular) in much the same way.

  6. Chris says:

    Marc I totally agree, as far as I can see this is the way it works:

    Has [insert your religion here] been around for many hundreds of years:

    a) yes
    b) no

    Did you answer mostly ‘a’?
    Your religion has obviously stood the test of time therefor it is most definitely true and there is no way that you belong to a cult.

    Mostly ‘b’?
    Although you believe in superstitious claptrap no more real that the people in group ‘a’ you are definitely a cult member.

  7. Marc says:

    Nice Chris! I must remember that precis.

    I see that poor Madeline is still missing and her parents are praying. If they’d looked after her in the first fucking place as opposed to leaving her and her siblings alone, they wouldn’t be in this position. Poor kid deserved better parents than these self-serving pious assholes. Here’s hoping that she’s well and if there is a hell, that her parents rot in it.

  8. Stuart says:

    Getting a bit off the point, but glad I’m not the only one who saw the Madeline case as a fine example of ‘Christian child care’ in action. Churches seem to be having a field day with all their services & exhortations to pray, but it’s hard to see what (if anything) they’re contributing that the rest of society isn’t already doing anyway wiht far less back-patting.
    Catholic child care provision – now there’s a contradiction in terms!

  9. Ricky Smith says:

    Yes. Off-topic (sorry Monitor) but I find the media frenzy/public grief over the missing child quite toe-curling enough – but then to see that the parents have immediately resorted to voodoo, and that according to the media this is somehow something to be applauded…. well, ‘depressing’ is the word which springs to mind.

  10. Andy Gilmour says:

    Back ON topic:

    If they’re hacked-off with “Bloody Mary”, how are they going to react to the Easter Special (brilliant spoof of Da Vinci code & suitably vicious attack on the old Ma Church…?)

    My favourite line was:

    Kyle, after being asked by Jesus to kill him (so that he can escape imprisonment and save the day…no, seriously…):
    “Dude, I’m Jewish. I’ve got serious issues about killing Jesus!”