British comic stirs it up in Berkeley

A British comic’s humorous YouTube rant against Islam has caused ructions in California. Berkeley city council leaders condemned Pat Condell‘s five-minute monologue – one of a series on the subject of religion – as “stunning” because of its “stereotyping and bigotry of the tone and the language”.

Commissioner Elliot Cohen described it as “insulting, degenerating and racist”. Degenerating?

Condell’s views are certainly robustly expressed, but not racist (Islam is not a race). He makes the point that the increasingly shrill demands of various religions are largely the result of vocal Muslims getting their way via threats of violence:

they’ve shown everybody else what can be achieved by bullying and intimidation, so now every crackpot in the country feels entitled to respect for their precious beliefs.

He describes fundamentalist Muslim men who oppress women as “primitive pigs whose only achievement in life is to be born with a penis is one hand and a Koran in the other” – which seems fair enough.

Condell has received death threats from Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Tower Hamlets. This is the video in question:

YouTube has a history of removing anti-Islam videos, and banning the creators. So let’s see how long this one stays up for.

10 Responses to “British comic stirs it up in Berkeley”

  1. Marc says:

    I thought he argued his point eloquently. Which is why he’s now receiving death threats – thus further proving his point.

  2. Andy Gilmour says:

    Might it be appropriate to invite Berkeley City Council to become more closely self-acquainted in a penetrative sexual manner?

  3. He generalises: when talking about honour killings, I’ve never heard of that happening in the UK and if it did, what’s not to stay it was just a fucked up family, regardless of their religion?

    He confuses what happens in the UK with the Islamic governments and extremists of other countries, making it seem like we live in a society which is constantly being attacked by mindless Muslims. And his aside about female circumcision (“cutting off any flap of skin which could give someone pleasure” after talking about women’s oppresion) seemed a bit misguided.

    However, he makes some valid points and the fact he’s received death threats and that he’ll likely be censored at the click of a mouse just proves his point. But is Islam the problem or are people labelling themselves as Muslims in order to carry out their own prejudices and interpret it in their own way (as Christianity has and still does)?

  4. Marc says:

    From what I recall, there have been several honour killings in the UK. Honour killings are performed by a family which is fucked up BECAUSE of religion not in spite of it. The BBC has some news on them here:

    Mindless muslims, for example, include Idiot Sacranie who “we” gave a knighthood to – and who is well known for his support for the Salman Rushdie Fatwah. Sacranie was also in charge of the self-apppointed MCB until quite recently.

    If you really think that the UK (never mind the world) isn’t a problem waiting to explode because of Islam, you should take a long hard read of The Islamist by Ed Hussain.

    Islam isn’t the only problem that Condell mentions – it’s just one monologue of several on Youtube. Though frankly, I’m pleased and surprised any of them are still there.

  5. martyn says:

    Backward savages the lot of them

  6. Marc says:

    While I feel for you Martyn, that’s the sort of comment that could be construed as racist. It’s the religion that’s backward – not the followers.

  7. Passerby says:

    Am i the only person who’s never heard of Pat Condell?

  8. Marc says:

    Just think of it as a way of discovering new talent, Passerby.

  9. LaBrosse says:

    The fact that he’s received death threats from “Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Tower Hamlets” is quite majestic satire.

  10. martyn says:

    My sweeping statement of ‘backward savages’ encompasses all religions and religious people,I truly wish they would all disappear up their own backsides.