Giving an inch to Islamic Rage Boy

rage boy
Rage Boy (pictured left) is a serial protester and something of a poster-child for Islamic grievances. Indeed, this is not his first appearance on MWW. He is featured in an article today in Slate, by Christopher Hitchens.

The MWW article below which mentioned “not giving an inch” to people such as Rage Boy inspired a comment from Ophelia Benson of Butterflies and Wheels, the eloquence and passion of which demand that it be reprinted here:

And along with not giving them an inch it’s crucial that we keep explaining to them and to the fans of inch-giving why we are not giving them an inch and why they have no right to an inch and why they have no legitimate grievance about their non-receipt of an inch. We have to keep explaining loudly and softly, briefly and at length, rudely and politely, and always lucidly. We have to keep on and on and on doing it until they get the point. ‘No inch is forthcoming because you have no, repeat no, legitimate claim to an inch. Now go away.’

UPDATE (June 29) Bazmeister in the comments pointed out the similarity between Rage Boy and Animal from the Muppets. In fact, a closer look at some recent protest photos shows that Animal is actually taking part. Here, for example:
animal and rage boy

And you can just about make him out here:
 animal and rage boy

Who knew Animal was a ragin’ Muslim?

14 Responses to “Giving an inch to Islamic Rage Boy”

  1. Andy Gilmour says:

    Brilliant – “RAGE BOY!” The first true Islamic Superhero!

    Watch! as he flies from protest to protest at incredible speed, powered only by his raw fury!

    Gasp! as he howls incoherently at whatever new slight Islam is perceived to have suffered!

    Marvel! at how his beard stays so bushy and soft despite being struck by several litres of foam-flecked spittle each day!

    RAGE BOY!!

    and his stay-at-home-or-he’ll-have-her-beheaded-sidekick


  2. sean says:

    Someone should make a rage boy inflatable…

  3. Marc says:

    Hear hear. Don’t give him an inch – he’ll lose it in his beard.

    Darn I wish I was as eloquent as Ms. Benson.

  4. Runmentionable says:

    I was wondering what had happened to Mad Den Hegarty from Darts…

  5. aharon says:

    About the notion of “not giving an inch”.
    I am all for the idea of “not giving an inch”, but the problem with that state of mind, in my view, is that it expresses a defensive position. Its an attitude of “we are going to keep the line, and not give an inch”. Such an attitude is, in my view, a small ‘c’, conservative position, to conserve the line as it were – and all too often, a losing strategy.
    Religiousness, of any variety, has to be attacked by demanding both new freedoms and new processes for greater liberties. The religious attacks are on the freedoms we enjoy, the very fact that these can be attacked and positioned in danger, means we do not have the culture of freedom entretched enough throughout the very fabric of personal, cultural and social life.

    Well.. My rant for the day..

    All the best!

  6. G. Tingey says:

    And, as an awful warning, that it can take over, and ruin your country,
    look no further than Harry’s Place (link on the right, or: )

    And read the section on “Another Iran is possible”

    It is scary.
    Remeber what happened to freedom from religious bigots in this country, 1645-1660, or Geneva under Clavin, or 17th cent. Italy, or Persia now … and contemplate the USA after 2016 …..

  7. bazmeister says:

    It’s just occurred to me that Rageboy is really Islam’s answer to Animal of the Muppets fame. (The words “Muppet” and “Muslim” are deliciously interchangeable.) See

  8. Andy A says:

    It’s just occurred to me that Rageboy is really Islam’s answer to Animal of the Muppets fame. (The words “Muppet” and “Muslim” are deliciously interchangeable.)

    But it’s an insult to Muppets. And can Rage Boy play the drums? Come to that, can he waggle his ears?

  9. Monitor says:

    By Jove, bazmeister – I think you are on to something! If fact, I’m sure I have spotted Animal at demos in the past. I’m off to scour the archives…

  10. Malcog says:

    He may be in danger of dislocating his jaw, he really should desist from
    such wide-mouthed displays of anger. Us infedels really should desist from our relentless taunting of those easily offended folks.
    Oh, and I may add: Nice fillings !

  11. bazmeister says:

    Good grief, this Islamic rage thing is getting out of hand. It seems to have infected the animal kingdom. See

  12. martyn says:

    I can’t help but laugh when i see his hairy enraged face

  13. bazmeister says:

    My apologies. It has just been pointed out to me that the picture I posted of the baboons does not, in fact, depict them in a rage. Apparently they are having a laugh – at pictures of the emotionally incontinent anti-Rushdie wackos, perhaps?

  14. badnewswade says:

    He’s back – and he’s pissed off!,,2132643,00.html