Persepolis pulled from Thai film fest

The Iranian government has persuaded the director of the Bangkok International Film Festival to withdraw Persepolis from its programme.

The film, based on a autobiographical graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi, tells the story of her childhood in post-revolutionary Iran. When it was shown at Cannes, it drew complaints from the Iranian government who claimed it was “Islamophobic”.

The director of the Bangkok Festival, Chattan Kunjara na Ayudhya, said:

I was invited by the Iranian embassy to discuss the matter and we both came to mutual agreement that it would be beneficial to both countries if the film was not shown.

It’s a good film, but there are other considerations

(Hat tip,Harry’s Place)

3 Responses to “Persepolis pulled from Thai film fest”

  1. Marc says:

    See what Ms. Benson says about giving them an inch…

  2. martyn says:

    the mad muzzas are already cutting the heads off Buddhist monks in the south of the country on an all too regular basis.

  3. […] I have previously mentioned that the Iranian authorities feel that they have the right to tell other countries film festivals what films they can and can’t show. Now it appears that the Bangkok International Film Festival agrees with them (via). […]