Transvestite Pontiff pulled in Milan

pope transvestite
A gay art exhibition in Milan has been forced to remove a sculpture of Pope Benedict XVI in drag.

The exhibit, entitled “Miss Kitty”, prompted the Catholic Anti-Defamation League to threaten to press charges, claiming that it constituted “defamation of a head of state”.

It is a vulgar offence against Christ’s Vicar and the feelings of the Roman Catholics.

They did not explain exactly what was offensive about depicting the Pope in nothing but a blond bob wig, a stole, panties and thigh-high stockings.

Another piece showed the Italian Premier Roman Prodi’s spokesman talking to a transvestite. The curator of the gallery told AP, “It was made clear to us that it would be better to remove the pieces.”

“Miss Kitty”, by Paolo Schmidlin, was bought by Milan’s top culture official, Vittorio Sgarbi, who helped set up the exhibition. He said:

I’ll keep it with me so that I can give the Pope back the decorum he deserves

6 Responses to “Transvestite Pontiff pulled in Milan”

  1. BSE says:

    Every Italian home should have one!

  2. Stuart says:

    As the caption to a picture of Benny da Pope on the excellent ‘Betty Bowers – America’s best Christian’ site points out:
    ‘This man (on the left wearing a fabulous vintage chiffon-lined Dior gold lamé gown over a silk Vera Wang empire waist tulle cocktail dress, accessorized with a 3-foot beaded peaked House of Whoville hat, and the ruby slippers Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz) is worried that The Da Vinci Code might make the Roman Catholic Church look foolish.’
    CADL please take note!

  3. […] group has protested about a sculpture of the Pope Benedict XVI in drag, causing it to be pulled (via) from a gay exhibition in Milan. Curator Eugenio Viola told Associated Press: “It was made […]

  4. Andy Gilmour says:

    I was listening to “Beyond Belief” on radio4 this afternoon (AC Grayling was on, the only one talking sense – surprise, surprise!), and the tone of the show – “ooh, those nasty aggressive fundamentalist atheists”, facts? balance? – was quite depressing. Then there’s the bloody Italian supernaturalists flexing their suppress-your-expression muscles…and then I hear that a bloody idiot judge in Wales has decided that the religiously-enhanced should get preferential treatment when it comes to their livestock.

    Not on scientific grounds, naturally, but because it might impinge on their precious fairytale fantasies.

    Give ’em a bleedin’ inch….

  5. martyn says:

    When was Barry Humphries (Dame Edna) made pope?