Suicide bombers vetoed at BBC

The Observer reports that the BBC has shied away from showing an episode of Casualty which featured Islamic suicide bombers.

Producers are reportedly frustrated at the decision by the corporation’s editorial guidelines department to change the storyline so that it featured animal rites activists, rather than Islamist terrorists.

By contrast, Channel 4 is preparing a publicity campaigns around Britz, a four-part drama by Peter Kosminsky:

A gritty and unflinching contemporary thriller about two young British Muslims, a brother and a sister, forced to confront who they are, as a hunt rages to uncover an active terrorist cell in mainland Britain.

One Response to “Suicide bombers vetoed at BBC”

  1. marc says:

    Similarly note that the Daily Mail (who else?) has successfully forced Aunty Beeb to remove “offensive” remarks made about Jesus on its message boards. One of the writers point out (entirely correctly in modern English terms) that Jesus was a bastard.