Ofcom exonerates C4’s Undercover Mosque – slams police?

The Mail claims to have seen Ofcom’s judgement on the unprecedented complaint by the West Midlands Police about Channel 4’s Undercover Mosque.

Not only has C4 been cleared, but the Mail says that Ofcom has also taken the unusual step of directly criticising the complainant. If true, it may have something to do with the fact that the West Midlands Police had absolutely no right to make the complaint in the first place, as Ofcom’s rules state that “Fairness and Privacy” complaints can come only from “the person affected” or someone authorised to act for them.

While it would be nice if the WMP were hauled over the coals for this egregious example of “gesture policing”, the good news is that C4 looks to have been completely exonerated. This is, of course, in accordance with MWW prophecy.

3 Responses to “Ofcom exonerates C4’s Undercover Mosque – slams police?”

  1. sean says:

    Gesture policing…that about covers it. I wonder how much the whole malarkey cost everybody involved?

  2. martin says:

    Good news indeed, but I have some sympathy for some of the officers on the front line when their superiors are making such silly actions.

  3. Sarah Vey says:

    I am delighted at this result. I hope the programme makers sue the West Midlands Police for dragging their names through the mud.

    The judgement should send a warning shot over the bows of other police forces and public bodies who might be cowardly enough to cave in to similar pressure.