Lord Carey calls for end to blasphemy law

This morning on the BBC’s The Big Questions the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey agreed with Jonathan Bartley of Ekklesia that the blasphemy law should be abolished.

Although he protested against what he saw as at increase in “offensive” material about Christianity, he said that Christ told his followers to “put away their swords” and didn’t seek to defend faith by force.

No doubt he was trying to highlight a contrast between his particular brand of supernaturalism and a certain other popular brand.

(Hat tip Clerical Whispers, who watches these shows so that you don’t have to)

One Response to “Lord Carey calls for end to blasphemy law”

  1. marc says:

    Ah, but will Lord Carey actually stand up and be counted when it, er, counts. Funny how Stephen Green seems to embarras him but some other equal barmy ideas don’t appear to concern him.