Photographer gets death threats

In December we reported on the self-censorship involved when a Dutch gallery refused to display the work of Iranian born photographer Sooreh Hera. Her photos deal with themes of homosexuality and religion, and some of them showed gay men wearing masks of Mohammed and his son-in-law Ali.

Now it seems the censorship is coming from an external source – The Times reports Sooreh is receiving death threats:

They said to me, ‘We’re going to burn you naked or put a bullet in your mouth’,” she said, referring to menacing e-mails.

“They say, ‘Now you are locked in your home and you cannot go out any more’.

Here is one of the photos in question:

gay mo

You can see more at Sooreh’s website.

She has also produced a video called Allah ho gaybar, which may have upset some sensitive souls.

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