Pakistan lifts YouTube ban

Pakistan has lifted restrictions on YouTube access. Let us hope they are more sheepish about their censorious blunder than this article reveals.

UPDATE: (10 mins later) If the article is correct, access to the site was restored only after YouTube had removed what government officials had deemed a “blasphemous” clip. We do not know what clip that was.

UPDATE: (27 Feb) The BBC has the latest report on this, bit it is still unclear what, if anything, YouTube has agreed to remove. Geert Wilders’ Koran movie trailer is still up there.

3 Responses to “Pakistan lifts YouTube ban”

  1. martyn says:

    Yes that’s the way to go, cave in straight away. Spineless you tube tossers

  2. Dave says:

    Well Done Youtube!
    There is no room for racists on the web… Kick them all out.
    Youtube is a responsible organisation and respects view of the Billions of Muslims of this world. Well done Youtube.

  3. Andrew Nixon says:

    Dave – Islam isn’t a race.