Lords reject Springer appeal

Stephen Green, national director of Stephen Green’s Voice (aka Christian Voice) has failed yet again to get the BBC and John Thoday done for blasphemy. The House of Lords refused to hear the appeal recent High Court decision.

Poor Stephen. He was so hopeful in his mailshot only last week:

Mike [CV solicitor] has pointed out that the Jerry Springer the Opera case is still very much alive, that it has not been ‘lost’ as pro-blasphemy people are saying, that the High Court which ruled against us said there were points of public interest which the House of Lords should consider, that we appealed to the House of Lords on 3rd January and that the House of Lords Appeals Committee is considering the appeal right now.

Better luck at the European Court of Human Rights maybe? Maybe not.

(Hat tip Christian Concern for Our Nation

4 Responses to “Lords reject Springer appeal”

  1. Chris Hughes says:

    What does he mean, ‘pro-blasphemy people’? Surely that describes him and his adherents, since only a believer *can* blaspheme… most of the rest of us would be ‘anti-blasphemy’ if we gave a toss.

  2. marc says:

    Love the hat tip – should that be, “the bird to?” Or is that really a well-disguised spoof site?

    Technically Chris, anyone can blaspheme (it’s an action) only a believer is offended – the rest of us don’t give a fuck. I learnt this as a very small child as an ancient relative, long since deceased, called me “blasphemer” for saying “Oh God!”

    Even my mom, who was initially ready to give me a good pasting, couldn’t believe what she had heard the relative say!

  3. Chris Hughes says:

    I just think that if I say something on the lines of ‘Oh god!’ it isn’t blasphemy, because for me there is no such thing. What some faithhead wants to make of it is his or her problem! But point taken…

  4. jr says:

    Christianity is fundamentally and comprehensively blasphemous to jews and muslims, and vice versa probably. What these god botherers actually mean is “respect my religion and fuck all the other ones.”