Green fury at Lords Springer verdict

A bit of light entertainment for a Tuesday afternoon: Stephen Green raging at the House of Lords, who dared defy his will by rejecting his blasphemy appeal against Jerry Springer: The Opera because it “does not raise an arguable point of law of general public importance which ought to be considered by the House at this time”.

Apparently Jesus Christ, Mary, the mother of the Lord, and Almighty God may now be ridiculed and insulted on stage and by broadcasters free from the sanctions of the law.

And quite right, too.

It means there is no redress in British law against those who portrayed Jesus Christ on stage and on the BBC as an infantile coprophiliac, told by the character of Jerry Springer in the show to ‘Grow up, for Christ’s sake’.

That should be, “Grow up, for Christ’s sake, and put some fucking clothes on,” actually.

Contrary to the finding of these Law Lords, it is indeed a matter of great general public importance at this very time that the Almighty Creator of the universe and the Saviour of mankind have been insulted and vilified

And Stephen should know. He is in regular and direct communication with the Almighty Creator of the universe and Saviour of mankind, after all. He lives in Carmarthen.

It brings down the judgement of God on us all. I love my neighbour and I do not want that to happen… Christians will now have to take matters into their own hands when Christ is insulted on stage and on screen.

Ooh! “Take matters into their own hands,” eh? That will be such fun to watch!

A spokeswoman for the BBC declined to say much about the verdict, but what she did say was succinct enough:

We don’t intend to indulge Christian Voice any further.

Don’t worry, Stephen. MWW will continue to indulge you as long as you keep providing us with entertainment of this calibre.

UPDATE: (5th March) IC Wales has more quotes from the man desperately trying to come to terms with reality:

To be frank, the decision of their Lordships Bingham, Hoffman and Hope is a blatant, shameless political manoeuvre by a God-defying elite intent on looking after their own.

Lord Hoffman in particular has voted in the House of Lords for no-fault divorce and for gay rights. A judge like that would always be prejudiced against those seeking to uphold righteousness.

Furthermore, and in retrospect, it seems there was no way the establishment could countenance the Director-General of the BBC appearing in the dock accused of blasphemy.

UPDATE: Michael Phillips, Stephen Green’s solicitor, has a whiny letter in The Times.

The law which is in place to protect that which is central to millions of people in Britain (15 per cent of whom regularly go to church) will offer no redress against gratuitous offence against God and their faith. With only three prosecutions in 100 years, it can hardly be said that the law has a chilling effect on free speech. Indeed, Richard Dawkins has never been threatened with a blasphemy prosecution. The law is there to stop only the most outrageous, spiteful, gratuitous acts which serve no legitimate aim in a democratic society, other than to insult the Christian faith.

Look at it this way, Michael Phillips: you believe in shit, we take the piss. Piss-taking discourages shit-believing. And that can only be a good thing for society as a whole.

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8 Responses to “Green fury at Lords Springer verdict”

  1. Joe says:

    It means there is no redress in British law against those who portrayed Jesus Christ on stage and on the BBC as an infantile coprophiliac

    Which, of course, is simply not true. While his apparent inability to take on board the fact that he’s not going to win this one clearly does not bode well for his intelligence, I cannot imagine that he is so crapulently imbecilic that he doesn’t understand that the same actor who plays an infantile coprophiliac in the first half, plays Jesus in the second half.

    I can’t shift the image of Green sitting through “Escape From Alcatraz” and constantly screaming “WHERE’S HIS ORANG-UTAN?”, or yelling “SHAAAAAARK! SHAAAAAARK!” all through “Marathon Man”. And I dread to think what he makes of top BBC afternoon soap “Doctors”, starring Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, Mr Robert Powell.

  2. Ian Charles says:

    We don’t intend to indulge Christian Voice any further.

    Brilliant, just brilliant!

  3. Steve says:

    I noticed earlier this week that the front page of the Christian Voice(sorry, HIS) wbesite has a diatribe entitled: ‘BLASPHEMY: IT’S ALL ABOUT INSULTING JESUS’ on it.

    I got half way through it and thought to myself: Stephen you really do need to get yourself a woman.

    Also, blasphemy is particularly about ‘dissing’ any ‘Big G’ not one particular bastard off-spring of His.

    Christians do seem to have this problem about putting Jesus before their god.

    A bit like worhsipping the monkey rather than the organ grinder.

  4. Andy Armitage says:

    It really does belittle the Christian faith and if something like this was produced about the Prophet Muhammad there would be a riot.

    Thus spake Barry someone or other, the Archbishop of Wales. Can we clear this up – not that it requires it for MWW readers, but I’ll have a try anyway. Is this what’s known as a category error? He argues one thing for one thing and something else for another? I mean, yes, there would be a riot if it were about that old paedophile from the seventh century, but that doesn’t diminish our right to criticise, analyse, ridicule or pastiche that religion. The fact that Christians are less likely (virtually unlikely) to act in similar fashion doesn’t, equally, mean we have a greater reason to ridicule etc. that religion. That, Barry, Your Grace, old chum, me old mucker, doesn’t hang together. People don’t criticise the turbaned one because they fear the possible (likely) violent repercussions, and their feelings against the religion have nothing to do with it.

    And Stephen should know. He is in regular and direct communication with the Almighty Creator of the universe and Saviour of mankind, after all. He lives in Carmarthen.

    Oi, Monitor, watch it! I live near Carmarthen, and it’s an OK place. But Stevie baby has not been in touch with me, no – regular and direct or not! Mind you, it’s the sort of place where people do get into communication with the Almighty. Must be the excellent quality of the sheep shit that makes the manure that fertilises the ground that grows the pot that West Wales is somewhat famous for – or was.

  5. sean says:

    Or it could be the mushrooms.

  6. Stuart H. says:

    Where does he get that 15% figure from? The most ambitious figure the C of E claims these days when begging public money is around 7% – and even that’s after twiddling their annual survey format since 1990 to take in weekday attendance (scout troops,youth clubs etc.)rather than Sunday worship.

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  8. PeterG says:

    I have never quite understood why an omnipotent omniscient and omnipresent god, who can create entire universes or end them at a nod of the head or incarnate at will, needs to be protected by the likes of Stephen Green and a solicitor.