Prissy vandals

matalan swimwearAn advertising hoarding in Birmingham’s predominantly Muslim Sparkbrook area has been vandalised, prompting a councillor to call for more control over what is displayed in “culturally sensitive” areas.

Matalan’s poster for their latest range of ladies’ swimwear proved too provocative for the vandal, who used thick white paint to cover up the glistening whore-flesh before it defiled with lustful visions the pure minds of Sparkbrook’s Muslim males.

Councillor Talib Hussain:

I condemn the people that did this but at the same time it’s wrong for companies to put that kind of advert in sensitive wards.
I have received complaints on a number of occasions not to put adverts like that in Sparkbrook. The city council should not give permission to advertising like that in these wards. Having families seeing naked pictures does not bring the community together, it provokes things.

11 Responses to “Prissy vandals”

  1. martyn says:

    This is the sort of thing that really hacks me off, if these idiots want to live under stoneage rules, well bugger off to a stoneage country, there’s plenty out there to choose from.

  2. Neil Hoskins says:

    So Talib Hussain thinks ghettos are a good thing?

  3. marc draco says:

    This sounds like is should have been on 1st Apr. not 1st May!

  4. Britannia says:

    If these muslim males can’t control their urges perhaps they should drink some old fashioned bromide as given to soldiers in the Great War, or have a certain part of their anatomy removed. I’ll do it!

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  6. jr says:

    Do these people never leave Sparkbrook? Or is it all right for them to have a crafty wank if they stroll over to Edgbaston for instance?

  7. Ken says:

    ‘ Having families seeing naked pictures…’ Who’s naked? It is illegal for anyone to appear naked in this country in the streets and these ladies aren’t. And, it is perfectly legal for an advertiser to use whatever visuals he/she so wishes in HIS OWN COUNTRY.

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  9. Shaun Hollingworth says:

    Don’t Muslims like girls then ?

  10. Ala says:

    ken, is Matalan even a British company? Anyway who cares, everyone has different sensitivites, and Matalan, which only cares about its profits I’m sure, would have been better off not having that advert in Brum. PS. some would be fine with defacing adverts as a form of political protest, what they call ‘subvertising’, so in principle they shouldn’t have a problem with it being done for religious protest.

  11. Dan Smith says:

    There’s mention of “Muslims” here. Could have been done by feminists – or even just one feminist. Or just one Muslim. Possibly a nutter – maybe someone bored, who knows?

    Y’know, when a British man kills a prostitute in the UK, we don’t write about how mad British men are collectively do we? (“Don’t Northern men know how to treat women?”) Some feminists might – but that’s SOME. Not all.