Solidarity with Gregorius Nekschot

solidarity with gregorius nekschot

UPDATE: (19 May) The Dutch newspaper Volksrant reports Grerorius Nekschot (Google-translated to “Gregory Execution by shooting”) as saying

In Denmark they protect cartoonists, in Holland they arrest them.

He has received cross-party support from the Dutch parliament, with members calling for an explanation from Justice Minister Hirsch Ballin.

5 Responses to “Solidarity with Gregorius Nekschot”

  1. Jimbo says:

    I’m with him as well. If the District Attorney is going through with this, the cartoonist can count on my financial contribution to his legal defence.

    I think what is needed now is that the relevant eight cartoons are identified and copied onto the web site of every individual who cares about freedom of speech. And how about putting posters behind the windows of our houses? T-shirts showing the cartoons? Any more ideas, anyone? The Dutch government wants a new cartoon row. Let’s give it to them.

  2. Raimunda says:

    Perhaps an assortment of European politicians and EU parlementarians have already converted to Islam. We who haven’t wish to retain Free Speech and other civilized virtues.

  3. geert says:

    Nobody is forced to log onto his website.If they find it offensive go to some other website.Nobody is forced to buy his books either.His cartoons are tame in relation to some of the stuff that appears on the internet and if the authorities wish to be seen to be doing something, don’t pick soft targets.